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Constantly with our ear to the ground, we at MetalTalk are ever keen to be first on the scene, so when I caught rumours of new talent emerging in the Czech Republic's underground Metal scene I had to investigate further.

Mike Coys is the multi-talented individual behind Melodic Black Death Metal project Cries Of Your Sins. With a demo compilation already in the bag and busy working on his next EP, Mike took some time out to chat to me.

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Mike, thanks for taking the time to chat, how is the EP coming along, have you decided on a title yet and when can our readers get their hands on a copy?

Thank you for having me... I'm in the writing process. I don't have any titles etc, but everything is going slowly together. My plan is write until fall and then start to record so hopefully the EP will be out this winter.

What do you find are the advantages and disadvantages from working as a solo artist?

I like the freedom I have in this project. COYS is very personal to me so that's a very good thing. The bad thing about it is that I can't play my songs with a full band and I would really love to do that. But I'm planning to play live, maybe just with live members. I can't find really motivated musicians in the Czech Republic but a cool thing would be if I could play live with people from different countries.

Who would you say has influenced/inspired your work, either inside or outside the Metal community?

I'm influenced by many music genres and a lot of different types of art, everything that I find interesting inspires me.

Your six track compilation 'Demos 2012-14' is quite varied and crisp and does demonstrate how you are developing the sound for the Cries of your Sins project, there is at times a very pronounced Death Metal influence - will that continue or develop in the new Cries of your Sins EP or will you lean more towards a more blackened sound?

All of my demos are just ideas. I was trying different things and I was looking for the right sound for this project. I wrote some really aggressive, atmospheric stuff and I think the EP will be much darker and heavier. I still like keeping that melodic touch in my music but the atmosphere will be completely different.

What's the underground Metal scene like in the Czech Republic, how easy is it to get your work "out there" or do you rely solely on the internet to promote your sound?

I'm not really into the Czech scene. You can find some good projects in here but I don't know many Czech bands and about promotion...I don't play live so my only promotion tool is the internet. It's going well, people seem to be interested in this project so hopefully it will get better and better.

Any final comment?

Thanks for the support and stay tuned for upcoming stuff - I'm planning a lot of things.

Cries of your Sins 'Demos 2012-14' is available to listen/buy from



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