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'Shores of the Abstract Line'
(Pelagic Records)
Out Now

jools green

Jools Green


Sometimes a band or album is extreme, not just for the place that it resides in within a music genre but because the content of material contained within it.

This is the case with 'Shores of the Abstract Line', the third album by the innovative French Cinematic Metal band 'Hypno5e', which is broad ranging, disparate and contrasting, ranging from the reflective, to crushingly technical encompassing aspects.

Until you hear it, you would not imagine they could exist together on the same album, let alone the same track, but here it works superbly, in the most natural and organic form imaginable.

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'Shores of the Abstract Line' is the third album from these musical pioneers, who describe their sound as Cinematic Metal. On this release they explore in more depth the philosophical landscapes carved by the band on their previous two albums: "Operating in the fractured, no mans-land where memory meets imagination, Hypno5e's raison d'être, providing foundation for the unknown and unimagined."

This hour-long offering is divided into eight tracks that skilfully and seamlessly blend huge chunks of Technical Metal and harsh but legible vocals. Also appearing are light reflective piano and clean guitar passages, clean singing, as well as subtle Latin influences, all powered by a progressive edge that is rich in riffs


If this wasn't enough you also get movie sound-bites, including a couple of spoken passages of the voice of German born American poet/writer Charles Bukowski on the final two tracks 'VII North Shore - The Abstract Line' and ' VIII North Shore - Sea Made of Crosses'

Bukowski's appearance made those two tracks stand out for me, purely for my interest in his work, however choosing a favourite track on the merits of construct or content is impossible given the high and consistent quality across this whole album, which can be listened to in its entirety below.

'Shores of the Abstract Line' is one of those immersive, deeply reflective, yet powerful albums you can become totally lost in, conjuring complex chains of thought and a mass of conflicting emotions, a unique listen.

The album is available as a 2xLP in a gatefold jacket, and in a cross-shaped CD digipak printed with special metallic inks.

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