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'Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless'
(Luciferic Triumph Records)

jools green

Jools Green

diabolus amator

Just one year ago saw the debut full length, 'The Dawn Of A New Flame', from Black Metal project Diabolus Amator, at the time a solo endeavour for Abyss (ex:Torment, ex:Neldӧreth) but for this second offering, 'Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless', Abyss continues to cover all instruments but is joined by Lord Matzigketius of Idolatry and The Projectionist, covering the vocal duties as well as providing the lyrics.

There has been a huge progress made with this release compared to the thirty minute 'The Dawn Of A New Flame', which was in its own right a perfectly good Black Metal offering, but clearly Abyss has looked back critically over his own work as there are notable improvements in the construction, delivery and production as well as a better continuity to the tracks.

Also bringing the lyrical and vocal skills of Lord Matzigketius on board can't be overlooked. He has rapidly developed and pushed his vocal capabilities over the last few albums he has been involved with, to become an ever more diverse and broad ranging Black Metal vocalist, delivering vocals that span from high vitriolic screams, deep guttural roars and everything in between, with a new found clarity and here he has once again brought to life one of his poems from the book he released last year.

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The twelve track, forty minute offering opens with 'I Am Meritocracy' which after a haunting intro develops a wonderful, classic, dirty Black Metal sound and addresses a concept that anyone of a certain philosophical leaning will easily identify with.

There's an ancient myth to which many of us hold a different opinion of and the plodding, sinister opening to 'Pregnant Virgin Whore', a track which develops a manic intensity in the second half, controversially but eloquently expresses that shared opinion. The lyrics for this track also featured in Lord Matzigketius' book of Black Metal poetry, 'Catharsis spoke her Virtuous Evil'.

'Ravenous Fog Of Deceitful Winds' is another fierce and intense offering, well interspersed with a dark groove which balances well against the sections of fast riffing and the ever brutal vocal delivery while the instrumental, 'Invocation Of The Abyssic Dragon', is a dark haunting sound-scape of drone and distant background voices that ebbs and flows like some hellish rousing; a subtle yet effective piece.

diabolus amator

There's an unnerving clarity to the deeper vocal delivery on the slower parts of 'Sanity Returns With Her Daggers' which sits nicely alongside the deranged higher screams that permeate the more manic paced parts of the track, along with an attention grabbing chunk of lead work in the second half.

'Sharprealitydenier' bursts into life from the offset, with at times, a subtle, dark, psychedelic groove to the ever intense riffing and the deranged screams of Lord Matzigketius are set to the back of the sound, drawing attention to the riffing but at the same time drawing you in towards those distant vocals.

On 'Evolution Smite Thy Meek God' I love the strong consistent riff that bounces along and makes up the backbone of track. It's massively catchy and addictive, making a good foundation for the 'muscular' content of the lyrics/vocals which manifest a well balanced dialogue of deeper gut wrenching extended roars and higher insane screams. A superb track and one of my favourites. I had to put this on repeat for a while because I just didn't want it to end, it has such an uplifting quality.

Slower, dark and beautifully bleak to open 'Funeral Light' builds slowly as the drums and vocal roars arrive, reaching it's zenith with a crushing crescendo of drum blasts and cymbal crashes and I do like how it stops dead with no fade out; so poignant and final.

'A Storm In The Void Of Leviathan' is an atmospheric instrumental interlude of simple yet haunting riffs and the sound of a rainstorm, setting the scene nicely for 'Gripping, Ever Draining' which opens on a tortuous vocal scream that even the mighty Gaahl would be proud of. Lord Matzigketius unleashes his full vocal artillery here - roars, screams and all in between, over an intense bed of blackened riffs and pummelling drums that rise up in waves with sleekly executed direction shifts; another favourite amongst the excellence.

On the penultimate track, 'Glory Unto Lucifer', there's a superb richness to the intense blackened riffing and as a stark contrast in the second half, the track drops away to just simple guitar note allowing for the most evil guttural spoken lyrics you will ever hear.

The final track is a brave cover of Inquisition's 'Desolate Funeral Chant' from their 'Ominous Doctrines Of The Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm' album. It's a superb, richly delivered version that holds true to the original, a good thing because it's not a track to be messed with, however these two gentlemen have added their own subtle influences from their personal style of Black Metal.

'Despotic Conjuring Of The Soulless' is a superb album. The more I listen the more I love it. It takes it's time to reveal itself in its entirety, it's a hugely thought provoking listen and a must for any Black metal aficionado.

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