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'Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments'
(Satanath Records [Russia]/Black Plague Records[USA])

jools green

Jools Green


'Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments' is the latest and very noteworthy album in the extensive catalogue of releases from Swiss Black Metal project Enoid, marking the twentieth anniversary of their inception.

I say they, but in fact Enoid is a one man project masterminded by Bornyhake Ormenos, the man also behind several other solo projects including industrial Black Metal project Borgne, raw Black Metal project Pure as well as Black Metal bands Haine and Ravnkald, not to mention a whole other list of involvements and collaborations. Needless to say the standard here is as high as you would expect from such a seasoned musician.

As well as handling all the composition, vocals and instrumentation Bornyhake is also responsible for the album mixing and sound wise it's a fairly straightforward Black Metal offering that's a mix of Swedish and Norwegian in its style and delivery, dark and crushing and with a harsh but controlled brutality and a subtle dark melodic inference that makes it hugely listenable yet delivering that all important, challenging edge.

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Composition wise the tracks are solid, well constructed, unfussy and straightforward and made me think a little of '1349' at times, particularly the coldness to the guitar work that comes from the very distorted edge to the riffing which is very dominating as well as hugely atmospheric, evocative and downright misanthropic and although the sound is a traditional Black Metal one it's modern and forward thinking in its outlook.

The drum work is great, very punishing and often prominent, particularly on 'Ces cicatrices dans mon âme', where it rises up majestically out of the blackened riffing. It could be a drum machine but if it is, it's well programmed and the whole thing is completed with traditional, superbly delivered vocals which manifest as a raw rasping scream, set slightly to the back of the sound, drawing you in.


The whole album bounces along taking you with it and as it does, each track has that little aspect that catches your ear in passing; the closing off kilter piano which really grinds uncomfortably, in a good way, on you, on opening track 'Je t’arracherai ces Cieux’. The addictive haunting repeats on the crushingly dark 'Ces cicatrices dans mon âme', also on possibly my favourite track of the release, the beautifully morose and dark 'Mangez ma chair, prenez ma douleur' and an engaging mix of both the haunting and the punchy on 'La croix de mon existence'.

I also love the initially slower pace of the reflective and haunting 'Nouveau cycle destructeur' and how it this pace quickens and intensifies, there is a brief crushing moment but on the whole it's a fabulous builder of a track.

Probably the craziest track of the release is the intense and manic paced 'Sourire éternel sur mes lèvres' and the background screams add a rather nice tortuous edge to the intense nature of 'La lumière disparaît' but all the stops are pulled out for the final and longest track, 'Ode à la haine', a dark, slow, deliberate and haunting opener with a tortured vitriolic edge to the rasping vocals, the slower pace building slightly but on the whole remaining on that constant slow, crushingly oppressive route with some great haunting lead segments punching through.

'Exile Aux Confins Des Tourments' is a thoroughly engaging chunk of highly listenable Black Metal.

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