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jeff kunze

Death Metal • Doom Metal • Glam Metal • Gothic Metal • Groove Metal • Power Metal • Speed Metal • Stoner Metal • Thrash Metal • Traditional Heavy Metal... Rocking and Rolling in Minnesota, U.S.A.


23rd December 2016: Jeff Kunze's Best Of 2016
7th November 2016: Stryper Cover Black Sabbath On 'To Hell With The Devil' Tour
24th September 2016: Night Ranger Sing RockTember Away
21st September 2016: Ginger Gets Emotional With 'Hey! Hello! Two!'
21st September 2016: Vince Neil Takes Rocktember To The Wildside
10th September 2016: Kai Hansen Sitting High On The Metal Pedestal After Thirty Years
25th August 2016: Tesla Recreate 'Mechanical Resonance' With The Soul And Attitude From Thirty Years Ago
6th July 2016: Bad Company And The Winery Dogs Live For The Music To Roars Of Approval In Minnesota
6th June 2016: Death Angel: 'The Evil Divide'
3rd June 2016: Tigertailz: 'Blast'
20th April 2016: Gracepoint: 'Echoes'
12th February 2016: Ginger Wildheart: 'Year Of The Fanclub'
28th January 2016: Nordic Union: 'Nordic Union'
8th October 2015: Stryper: 'Fallen'
1st October 2015: Grand Rocktember Music Festival III: The Grand Casino Hinkley, Minnesota, USA
1st September 2015: One Machine: 'The Final Cull'
29th June 2015: Trixter: 'Human Era'
29th May 2015: Armored Saint: 'Win Hands Down'
14th April 2015: Hardcore Superstar: 'HCSS'
20th March 2015: Therapy?: 'Disquiet'
8th February 2015: Eclipse: 'Armageddonize'
27th March 2013: Hardcore Superstar: C'Mon Take On Me
29th December 2012: Best Of 2012
26th November 2012: Hinder: 'Welcome To The Freakshow'
25th October 2012: Rick Springfield: 'Songs For The End Of The World'
26th September 2012: As I Lay Dying: 'Awakened'
7th August 2012: Fozzy: 'Sin And Bones'
24th July 2012: Shadows Chasing Ghosts: 'Lessons'
1st June 2012: Throw The Fight: 'What Doesn't Kill Us'
29th May 2012: Athel: 'Open Your Eyes To Society'
14th May 2012: Wig Wam: 'Wall Street'


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