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Gracepoint were formed in the late 1990s and released their first record, 'Science Of Discontent', in 2000 then took over a decade off before resurfacing into the metal frontier. That first album showed their potential and direction through the rawness of the material and production. The band built upon their early foundation to create the next chapter of their story. The new album 'Echoes' provides a sonic soundtrack that continues to define its sound as they grow collectively as a unit.

Gracepoint relies on a rhythmically heavy sound, dipping into many of the metal genres to cultivate complex but accessible songs. There is a definite progressive element to it with time signature changes. The guitars fuel the album with memorable riffs and the twin-guitar attack allows for plenty of double leads and harmonies. Underneath the blazing guitars is an aggressive backbone of drums and bass. This gives the music its foundation rich in syncopation and groove. With the musical template in place, the vocals are clear, powerful and they can cater to darker and moodier songs as well.

The album opener 'Animal' brings all the pieces together to near perfection as one of the strongest tracks on the record. Its aggressive approach and blazing guitars powers the organized chaos. The chorus delivers layered harmonies, which extenuates the hook and melody.

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'Spiders' is another full throttle ride. There is an undeniable drive powering this rocker. Out of nowhere you get a melodic shift to lead into the chorus before being whisked into multiple musical interludes. 'Secrets' is a cool laid back musical that allows the guitar tones to carry the feel of the song. 'Full Circle' runs almost seven minutes featuring heavy grooving as it moves flawlessly between varying tempos and rhythms.

'Somber', a haunting track adequately named allows the vocal strength to carry the weight of the song. It's a nice change of pace for the album. 'Crucible' pummels forward as vocals soar throughout its duration. 'Bittersweet' builds ups and breaks down with clean and distorted guitars and the dynamics play off each other perfectly.

'July 4' may be one of the most harmonious pieces on the album. Similar to the feel of 'Somber', this track expands into extremely infectious sections that expand and embody the sound before being suffocated back into the mellower verses. The title track 'Echoes' embraces the full Gracepoint sound. 'Moon' closes out the album as a lighter instrumental.

The musical muscle powering Gracepoint lies behind the outstanding musicianship of its players. The guitar wizardly clearly has center stage throughout the songs. This album will appeal to people who appreciate a progressive attack with all the devices and trappings that falling into that realm.

Gracepoint is:
Matt Tennessen – Vocals
Lon Kunze – Guitar
Stefan Radzilowski – Guitar
Sam VanMoer – Bass
Lance Reed – Drums

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