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Tigertailz have had a long storied career and have endured a revolving door of band members in recent years. After a decade, they have finally delivered a full-length album.

The lone remaining member, Jay Pepper (guitar), is joined by Matt Blakout (drums), Berty Burton (bass), and moving over from rhythm guitars to lead vocals, Rob Wylde. The new album, simply titled 'Blast', takes the band away from the heavier sound that surrounded the 'Knives' release and returns back to the glam rock pop explosion that put Tigertailz on the map.

The songs on this record drip with all the elements that define the genre. The glam attack begins with 'Just For One Night' which quickly hits with an infectious hook and melodic drive. This brings them back to their old school sound that's based around the 70s UK glam rock scene.

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The second track is the brilliant 'All The Girls In The World'. Riding a power pop wave the song breezes into a massive sounding chorus that is an instant sing-along. If there is that one song that defines an album, this is it. The first single 'Pipped It Popped It' is the rejected track from Eurovision. This song is mega-catchy as it is laced with all the 'Tailz trappings. 'Bop Bop You' continues the fun with another up-tempo piece with a repetitive chorus that keeps it memorable and addictive. The biggest change of pace come when Jay Pepper takes the vocal duties on 'In The Arms Of Mary'. It's the big classic ballad that's required on any proper glam album.

'Bloodsuckers' is one of two songs that take things up a notch. It's a full on hard rocking track that packs a big punch. The guitar carries the intensity as it blazes into the chorus. The other is 'Bring It On'. The main riff in the verses has a Skid Row feel with a heavy groove. It thunders into the main refrain and layered harmonies. The cover of Mud's 'Dynamite' is a cool catchy song that plays well.

The straight up blues rocker, 'Crime Against Rock And Roll' opens with a harmonica before kicking into a mid-tempo groove. It spits a lot of attitude and has an incredible vibe not found anywhere else on the album. 'Gods Country' centers on a melodic approach and lets the harmonies and catchiness of the chorus to draw you in. 'Cheap Talk' is a pretty straight ahead song that has been revamped from years past. Closing the album is the gang vocal led 'FnA'. It's a heavier anthem with a driving rhythm. It's the prefect closer.

'Blast' doesn't pretend to be original or try to change the world. It embraces the best of that 70s and 80s glam sound, wraps it up and puts a big beautiful bow on it. Tigertailz were able to reach back into their past, capture the feel of those early records and at the same time forge ahead without trying to duplicate the past. The new album sounds fresh and most of all it's fun. Conceivably some of the best material they have recorded.

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