steve newhouse


Ok, where do I start? At the beginning I guess, so let me introduce myself.

Born Steve Newhouse on May 1st 1957, in the London Borough of Hackney, I had the nickname of Loopy given to me some twenty years later by the same guy who introduced Paul Di'Anno to Steve Harris in a pub in Leytonstone. We'll come to that guy in a while.

The rest, as they say, is history (his story???) or at least it's somebody's story.

But it's not my story; it goes something like this...

Part One - The Fine Art Of Being In The Right Place At The Right Time
Part Two - The Birth Of The Beast
Part Three - When Five Became Eight
Part Four - The Earth Is Getting Greener
Part Five - Recording Demos At Minus 20 Degrees
Part Five A - Recording Demos At Minus 20 Degrees Revisited
Part Six - The Fun Begins
Part Seven - The Music Machine
Part Eight - Enter Smallwood
Part Nine - The Beginning Of The Rest
Part Ten - Recording The First Album
Part Eleven - Touring
Part Twelve - Reading And Beyond
Part Thirteen - Kiss In Europe
Part Thirteen B - Kiss In Europe Part 2
Part Thirteen C - Kiss In Europe Part 3
Part Fourteen - Bye Bye Dennis, Hello Adrian
Part Fifteen a - More Or Less
Part Fifteen b - Japan 1981
Part Fifteen c - That's The End Of Me Then
Part Sixteen a - The Prodigal Son Returns
Part Sixteen b - The Prodigal Son Returns
Part Seventeen - Jersey: That Little Island In The Channel
Part Eighteen - Nassau And The Recording Of Powerslave
Part Nineteen - Fort Lauderdale And Home

Lemmy Remembered: A Tribute
Outside Iron Maiden: A Book By Erwin Lucas
A Tribute To Clive Burr
Fun And Banter With Dennis Stratton
Metalwave 2013: Original Iron Maiden Crew Reunites For Dennis Stratton's Iron Maiden Years



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