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Ok. It's been a sad few days, but I feel I need to say my piece. I knew Lemmy for over 35 years, our first meeting taking place when Iron Maiden were just fledglings in 1979.

We were the opening act for Iron Fist and the Hordes from Hell at the Music Machine in Camden, and during a long and boring day, Lemmy and I played pool in the upper tier of the venue for hours, as we had nothing else to do.

Later on, we went about our business and were both part of a fantastic evening of Heavy Metal.

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We bumped into each other many times over the next few years as both bands grew bigger, and he was always delighted to see me, and would drag me off for a quick drink somewhere. He knew what it was like to be a roadie and never forgot his roots.

But of course, both bands headed off in different directions, and both became huge. We met up occasionally, but Lemmy never forgot me. He was a good friend and I have spent all day thinking about the good times we had together, either in the St Moritz, Duke of Cornwall, his house boat on Cheney Walk, or back stage at a venue. The guy was a true gent.

What saddens and disappoints me are the comparisons being made by a few Iron Maiden fans about Bruce beating his cancer, and Lemmy not.

The difference is simple for those that don't get it, or think it's funny. Bruce caught his cancer early and had time to get it treated, and that's great news.

Lemmy didn't have the same choice. His cancer was very aggressive, and once found, he was only given a maximum of 6 months to live.

Wise up people. This can affect you, your family and your loved ones, and it can happen when you least expect it. Show a bit more compassion, pull together and let's beat this thing.



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