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The German born Metal Queen Doro celebrated 30 years in rock with a major 2014 tour which saw the recording of a Wacken performance and two shows in her native Düsseldorf, and to coincide with the release of this humungous package Doro has also received the Metal Goddess Award in Los Angeles.

Famed for her work with Warlock in the 80s, Doro Pesch (or, as Kerrang! used to constantly remind us back in the day, Dorothee) has played with most rock stars of note; from Cozy Powell playing on fourth and final Warlock album 'Triumph And Agony' to more recent duets with Lemmy, Dio, Biff Byford, Udo and (on this package) Eurovision winners Lordi. One hell of a career, live dates to celebrate and a live package that will knock the bollocks off a pack of hounds.

Over the three DVDs/two blu-ray discs, we get three live performances; Wacken and both a rock night and classic night in Düsseldorf, a behind the scenes documentary and a whole lot more too.

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Joining Warlock in the early 80s, Doro soon became a household name across the metal word and quite the pin-up too as the band signed to Belgium rock label Mausoleum and worked hard, releasing some acclaimed albums and touring with Judas Priest, Ozzy, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Scorpions and Megadeth, amongst others.

After Warlock split the Metal Queen went solo, but on the split Doro once told me: "We never wanted to split up, but we lost the name. It was owned by the manager and we got into other problems but it was never my intention. I'm making music as long as I can."

She has since relocated to the USA and her latest studio album 'Raise Your Fist' was released in 2012. She's been in almost continual support of it since, playing around the world.


Disc one contains three live shows, the first of which is Wacken 2014 in front of 85,000 people, the biggest metal festival this side of the galaxy. A wonderful light show and enthusiastic crowd, and 'Wacken Anthem (We Are Metal Heads)' opens. The band are tight, energetic, led by Doro with aplomb and the crowd love every moment and from the outset it's clear that Doro is the perfect metal frontperson.

Yes every cliché is milked, and milked again along with backing singers who are there for Doro to play to as much as to bolster the sound. The kind of full performance that headbanging concert goers fork out and brave the elements for.

In the year she turned 50 (she looks half that age on camera), her voice still sounds as good as ever; when I asked her how she kept her voice up, she replied: "It's always kinda there - I run on adrenaline. When the crowd is there, my voice is better. I've never warmed up or anything. But I do sing every day so the more you do it the more the muscles tighten up, the more you work at it."


Always one for having guests join her on stage, 'East Meets West' features Grave Digger's Chris Boltendahl and Motörhead's Phil Campbell joins for a storming cover of 'Breaking The Law'. Closer 'All We Are' features Eric Fish, Joakim Broden and Corvus Corax.

New tracks and old blend together and covers too with each song performed like a party, more so with guests on stage who she interacts extremely well with.

The second show is the first Düsseldorf show, the Classic Night with an orchestra augmenting the band. 'Touch Of Evil' opens at full pace and the orchestra really works well with the band.


Never afraid of covers or guests, a surprise inclusion is Iron Maiden's 'Fear Of The Dark' with Blaze Bailey who puts in a magnificent performance. He may have filled out a little but the voice and enthusiasm are still there. 'The Night Of The Warlock' sounds as good as ever and 'Hero' is dedicated to Ronnie James Dio, which gets a huge cheer.

Fellow German vocalist Udo Dirkschneider joins for two tracks and another standout is 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' featuring Lordi. It's all about pleasing the crowd, even if Doro has to take a back seat on this one.

The third concert is the second Düsseldorf show, the Rock Night, with an equally career spanning set list and guest list and I wouldn't be surprised if the same fans attended both nights. No orchestra, just balls to the wall metal as Doro does with aplomb, kicking off with 'Raise Your Fist In The Air'. 'Wacken Anthem' goes down a storm, as does Accept's 'Balls To The Wall', again featuring Udo.


Sabine Classen (Holy Moses) and Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian) add to the metal party, but for me the highlight is Saxon's 'Demin And Leather', featuring Biff Byford. Throughout the show there's riff and solo and continued encouragement from Doro for the crowd to sing along. She works the crowd well continually, often switching between English and German when chatting to the audience. All in, disc one is three-and-a-half hours of music. Phew!

Disc 2 is a documentary, featuring narration and a lot of interviews taking the band through both history and various settings. While many speak in English, Doro is often interviewed in her native German. This covers the recent Summer festivals, Wacken, the Legend award, European and South American tours, the Dusseldorf anniversary shows and North American shows too. It's interesting, it shows Doro's power and her focus all brought through her passion. The extra material is excellent but there are segments that come over as quite dry.

Doro with Klaus Meine after being presented with the renowned Metal Goddess award at the Vegas Rocks! Hair Metal Awards 2016 in the USA on May 15th

There's plenty of bonus material on Disc 3 of the DVD, a good chunk of which is from the three shows on Disc 1. Plenty of excellent rocking with Biff returning to duet with Doro on Judas Priest's 'You've Got Another Thing Coming'. My only guess as to why it's here and not on the first disc is space, something that could have been solved if one of the shows had been kept in its entirety on this disc.

This set is a little unwieldy and you may also enjoy the CD and various 2LP highlights sets. There's also the Earbook set to boot which consists of three double discs each of an entire show; audio would have been a personal preference. Extra tracks from the Rockhard Festival 2015 and Russian tour the same year all add to the value of the set.

Disc 1
30 Years Anniversary Show Wacken Open Air
Wacken Anthem (We Are Metalheads)
Burning The Witches
East Meets West (featuring Chris sBolgendahl)
Raise Your Fist In The Air
Earthshaker Rock
Breaking The Law (featuring Phil Campbell)
All We Are (featuring Eric Fish, Joakim Broden, Corvus Corax)
30 Years Anniversary Show Dusseldorf Classic Night
Touch Of Evil
On The Run
Fear Of The Dark (featuring Blaze Bailey)
The Night Of The Warlock
You’re My Family
Above The Ashes
Beyond The Trees
Princess Of The Dawn (featuring Udo Dirksncheider)
Dancing With An Angel (featuring Udo Dirksncheider)
Hard Rock Hallelujah (featuring Lordi)
Love Me In Black
Fur Immer (mix Classic Night/Rock Night)

30 Years Anniversary Show Dusseldorf Rock Night
Raise Your Fist In The Air
Save My Soul
Running With The Devil
Without You
East Meets West (featuring Sabine Classen)
Rock ‘Till Death (featuring Hansi Kürsch)
Bad Blood (featuring Lordi)
Denim And Leather (featuring Biff Byford)
Out Of Control
Wacken Anthem (We Are Metalheads)
Metal Racer
Burn It Up
Balls To The Wall (featuring Udo Dirkschneider)
All We Are

Disc 2
Behind The Curtain Documentary

Disc 3 – Bonus Tracks
30 Years Anniversary Show Dusseldorf Classic Night
Burn It Up
Breaking The Law
All We Are
Metal Racer
30 Years Anniversary Show Dusseldorf Rock Night
True As Steel
Egypt (The Chains Are On) (featuring Chris Caffery)
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (featuring Biff Byford)
Drum solo
Ich Will Alles (featuring Any Brings)
Metal Tango
Ungoly Love
30 Years Anniversary Show Wacken Open Air
Metal Tango (featuring Eric Fish and Fran Schmitt)
Drum solo
Fur Immer (featuring Uli Jon Roth)
Rockhard Festival 2015
Fur Immer
Russia Tour 2015
Touch Of Evil
I Rule The Ruins


Doro – Vocals
Nick Douglas – bass, keyboards
Johnny Dee – drums
Bass Maas – guitars
Luca Princiotta – guitars, keyboards

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