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Music has been a mainstay of my life since I was a kid and rock and Metal especially have been a lifelong passion. I'm no kid anymore but my passion has increased if anything and I'm going to as many shows and buying as many albums as ever.

I've always found ways to be around music and musicians, having no talent myself it's important to find a way in! I have roadied, reviewed, been a dj, even been a runner for a singer (translates as going to get the wine in mostly!). These days I'm lucky enough to get to hang out with some of the smaller bands I'm into and here I am back reviewing again to share my passion and see who I end up meeting through it.

My motto is if the band won't come to your town go find them, life is too short not to fit in as many gigs and road trips as you can! Rock on \m/

Ian Sutherland

23rd December 2016: Brightest Light Found In Amsterdam With The Gentle Storm And Cellar Darling
22nd December 2016: Ian Sutherland's Best Of 2016
13th December 2016: Avatar Are All Feathers And Flesh In Amazing Freakshow In Glasgow
13th December 2016: Whiskey Myers Bring Gritty Texas Authenticity To Glasgow
26th November 2016: Stream Of Passion Cement Their Legacy With A Memorable Performance On 'Memento' DVD
21st November 2016: Diablus In Musica Make Music For The Ages In 'Dirge For The Archons'
18th November 2016: Fire On The Floor In Glasgow As Beth Hart Gives A Red Hot Performance
17th November 2016: Unzucht And Darkhaus In Contest For Supremacy In Edinburgh
15th November 2016: Success For Wishbone Ash Founder Martin Turner Is Written In The Stars
7th November 2016: Joanne Shaw Taylor Goes Wild In Dunfermline
2nd November 2016: Stream Of Passion Go Out On A High At Their Last Ever UK Show
29th October 2016: The Lounge Kittens Leave Their Bodies On The Floor In Edinburgh
26th October 2016: Canadian Thunder On The Glasgow Tundra From Nickelback And Monster Truck
23rd October 2016: Anvil Keep Putting Metal On Metal As Their Story Continues In Edinburgh
22nd October 2016: Kingfisher Sky Shine Brightest As Female Fronted Bands Rock Birmingham's Quinphonic Festival
17th October 2016: Last Riverside Album Piotr Grudzinski Is An Ambient Spectacular
10th October 2016: Diamond Head Leave The Audience Helpless In The Heat Of The Night In Edinburgh
2nd October 2016: Classic Riot Albums 'Fire Down Under' And 'Restless Breed' Still Shine On To This Day As Reissues
1st October 2016: Amorettes Steal Love Zombies' Thunder
29th September 2016: There's A Lot Of Love In The Heart Of Edinburgh For Bernie Marsden
21st September 2016: Marcela Bovio, The Voice Of Stream Of Passion, Makes Unprecedented First Solo Offering
21st September 2016: It's The Right Time For Mitch Malloy To Leave His Van Halen Shadow Behind In Edinburgh
18th September 2016: The Rise Of Epica Continues With 'The Holographic Principle'
14th September 2016: Antimatter And Kari Rueslatten Push The Definitie At London's Boston Music Rooms
13th September 2016: The Lounge Kittens Don't Care If Bodies Hit The Floor As They Knock 'Em Dead With 'Sequins & C-Bombs'
5th September 2016: Uriah Heep And Queensrÿche Get Everyone Singing In The Rain In The Netherlands
16th August 2016: Sabaton Make A Glorious Last Stand Before Going Another Man Down
11th August 2016: Everybody Hates The Lounge Kittens But They Have The Last Laugh At Edinburgh Fringe
3rd August 2016: Dictators NYC Prove That Forty Years On, They're Still The Next Big Thing
1st August 2016: Karmakanic Cover God, The Universe And Everything Else In New Album 'Dot'
1st August 2016: Alan Parsons' Journey From The Dark Side Of The Moon Goes Symphonic In Colombia
1st August 2016: The Kentucky Headhunters Show Glasgow That At Long Last It's Chitlin' Time
1st August 2016: The Birth Of The Legend Of Therion Is In This Two Disc Set
28th July 2016: Warren Haynes Turns Edinburgh Into Ashes And Dust
25th July 2016: Powerwolf Lead Their Army Of The Night Into Your Living Room With 'The Metal Mass Live'
6th July 2016: German Rockers Kissin' Dynamite Push Hard Rock Into The 21st Century With 'Generation Goodbye'
4th July 2016: Heart Kick It Out For The Crowd In Glasgow And Show Them No Quarter
1st July 2016: Secret Rule Raise The Bar With 'Machination' With Delain And Within Temptation Members Joining The Fun
27th June 2016: Fates Warning Resurgence Continues As The Prog Metal Veterans Produce Some Of Their Finest Ever Music On 'Theories Of Flight'
22nd June 2016: Frost: The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
13th June 2016: Ayreon: 'The Theater Equation' DVD
6th June 2016: Nasty Little Lonely: Bar Bloc, Glasgow
28th May 2016: Mortiis: Audio, Glasgow
24th May 2016: Pro-Pain: 'Foul Taste Of Freedom'/'The Truth Hurts' Reissues
20th May 2016: Karnataka: The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
17th May 2016: Kalidia: The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton
17th May 2016: Frost: 'Falling Satellites'
17th May 2016: Rob Zombie: 'The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration'
13th May 2016: Romeo's Daughter: Dreadnought, Bathgate
11th May 2016: Avatar: 'Feathers And Flesh'
1st May 2016: Moonsorrow: Stylus, Leeds
1st May 2016: Long Distance Calling: 'Trips'
22nd April 2016: Haken: 'Affinity'
22nd April 2016: Massive: 'Destination Somewhere'
18th April 2016: Derange: Audio, Glasgow
15th April 2016: Dead Letter Circus: 'Aesthesis'
15th April 2016: Nemesa: 'Uprise'
12th April 2016: Knifeworld: 'Bottled Out Of Eden'
12th April 2016: Nasty Little Lonely: 'Rack And Ruin'
5th April 2016: Purson: Audio, Glasgow
4th April 2016: Moonspell: Audio, Glasgow
30th March 2016: Moonsorrow: 'Jumalten Aika'
25th March 2016: Mushroomhead/Sanguine: The Classic Grand, Glasgow
19th March 2016: Dan Reed Network: Robin 2, Bilston
19th March 2016: Tyketto/The King Lot: Robin 2, Bilston
16th March 2016: Spiritual Beggars: 'Sunrise To Sundown'
12th March 2016: Avantasia: O2 Forum, London
5th March 2016: Mortiis: 'The Great Deceiver'
27th February 2016: Oceans Of Slumber: 'Winter'
27th February 2016: Diamond Head: 'Diamond Head'
23rd February 2016: Interview with Damian Wilson
23rd February 2016: Headspace: 'All That You Fear Is Gone'
22nd February 2016: Viking Skull: Bannerman's, Edinburgh
22nd February 2016: Deathless Legacy: 'The Gathering'
16th February 2016: Halestorm/Wilson: Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, Netherlands
12th February 2016: Stream Of Passion/Penelope/Scarlet Stories: Duycker, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
10th February 2016: Exumer: Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
10th February 2016: Nasty Little Lonely: 'Pound Of Flesh' single
1st February 2016: The Cadillac Three/Whiskey Myers: The Garage, Glasgow
1st February 2016: Lifesigns/Chasar: Bannermans, Edinburgh
24th January 2016: The Temperance Movement/The Sheepdogs: Barrowlands, Glasgow
21st January 2016: Skunk Anansie: 'Anarchytecture
21st January 2016: Varg: Therion/Luciferian Light Orchestra/Ego Fall/Imperial Age: Audio, Glasgow
18th January 2016: Varg: 'Das Ende Aller Lugen'
18th January 2016: Antimatter/Jade Vine: Camden Barfly, London
7th January 2016: The Mute Gods: 'Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me'
4th January 2016: Nightwish: Wembley Arena, London
28th December 2015: Ghost: O2 ABC, Glasgow
21st December 2015: Fish: O2 ABC, Glasgow
21st December 2015: Tremonti: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
19th December 2015: Virgil And The Accelerators: The Musician, Leicester
5th December 2015: Khymera: 'The Grand Design'
30th November 2015: Beasto Blanco: Bannermans, Edinburgh
30th November 2015: Epica: The Garage, Glasgow
26th November 2015: Saffire: 'For The Greater Good'
26th November 2015: Threshold: 'European Journey'
25th November 2015: Caligula's Horse: Ivory Black's, Glasgow
20th November 2015: Swallow The Sun: 'Songs From The North I, II And III'
20th November 2015: Spock's Beard: 'The First Twenty Years'
18th November 2015: Cherie Currie/The Last Great Dreamers/The Amorettes: Bannermans, Edinburgh
14th November 2015: Devin Townsend: Devin Townsend Presents Ziltoid Live At The Royal Albert Hall (DVD)
14th November 2015: Y and T: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
6th November 2015: Wishbone Ash: Lochgelly Centre, Fife
3rd November 2015: Magnus Karlsson's Free Fall: 'Kingdom Of Rock'
3rd November 2015: Interview with Anneke van Giersbergen of The Gentle Storm
3rd November 2015: The Gentle Storm: Marble Factory, Bristol
31st October 2015: FemmeMetal: De Effenaar, Eindhoven
30th October 2015: Riverside/The Sixxis/Lion Shepherd: Marble Factory, Bristol
30th October 2015: Draconian: 'Sovran'
26th October 2015: Annihilator: O2 ABC 2, Glasgow
18th October 2015: Avatarium: 'The Girl With The Raven Mask'
18th October 2015: Voodoo Hill: 'Waterfall'
17th October 2015: Nad Sylvan: 'Courting The Widow'
15th October 2015: Caligula's Horse: 'Bloom'
10th October 2015: Derange: 'The Awakening'
10th October 2015: Spock's Beard/Synaesthasia/Special Providence: Classic Grand, Glasgow
8th October 2015: Demon's Eye: 'Under The Neon'
8th October 2015: Blackmore's Night: 'All Our Yesterdays'
28 September 2015: Control The Storm/Metaprism: Bannermans, Edinburgh
23 September 2015: Huntress: 'Static'
14 September 2015: Powerwolf/Orden Ogan: Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Holland
3 September 2015: My Dying Bride: 'Feel The Misery'
2 September 2015: Riverside: 'Love, Fear And The Time Machine'
2 September 2015: Art Nation: 'Revolution'
1 September 2015: Into The Grave Festival, Leeuwarden, Holland
1 September 2015: The Tubes: Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
1 September 2015: The Murder Of My Sweet: 'Beth Out Of Hell'
27 August 2015: Lesoir: Fire Palace, Leeuwarden, Holland
26 August 2015: Eric Martin/Simon Kaviani/Tergazzi: Bannerman's Edinburgh
25 August 2015: Epica/The Answer/Peter Pan Speedrock/Kamchatka/Stream Of Passion/Red Vultures: Cityrock Festival, Leeuwarden, Holland
24 August 2015: Ghost: 'Meliora'
20 August 2015: Spock's Beard: 'The Oblivion Particle'
20 August 2015: Queensryche/Armored Saint/Death Angel: The Electric Ballroom, London
7 August 2015: Mordred/Seething Akira/Kickfist: Bannermans, Edinburgh
27 July 2015: Bob Walkenhorst: Royal High School Rugby Club, Edinburgh
27 July 2015: Anvil/Dendera/Semper Fi: O2 ABC 2, Glasgow
19 July 2015: Xandria: 'Fire And Ashes'
13 July 2015: Powerwolf: 'Blessed And Possessed'
7 July 2015: Kobra And The Lotus/Corrupt The System/Splintered Halo: King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
29 June 2015: Chaos Magic: 'Chaos Magic'
29 June 2015: Next To None: 'A Light In The Dark'
22 June 2015: Pro-Pain: 'Voice Of Rebellion'
22 June 2015: Winter In Eden/Dealer (UK)/Deadfire: Bannermans, Edinburgh
16 June 2015: The Dead Daisies: 'Revolucion'
5 June 2015: Anneke Van Giersbergen: 'Day After Yesterday'
5 June 2015: Neal Schon: 'Vortex'
27 May 2015: Toto: Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
19 May 2015: Hollow Haze: 'Memories Of An Ancient Time'
19 May 2015: Thunder Rising: 'Sole Freedom'
18 May 2015: Dennis Churchill Dries: 'I'
14 May 2015: Stream Of Passion/Kingfisher Sky/Synergy Protocol: De Boerderij, Zoetermeer
11 May 2015: The Amorettes/Guttergodz/The Mandrakes: Downstairs At The Mill, Aberdeen
5 May 2015: Pink Fairies: The Cluny, Newcastle
29 April 2015: The Gentle Storm/Stream Of Passion: The Garage, London
10 April 2015: Kiske/Somervile: 'City Of Heroes'
8 April 2015: Danny Vaughn & Dan Reed: Bannerman's, Edinburgh
2 April 2015: Prong: 'Songs From The Black Hole'
25 March 2015: Dan Reed: 'Transmission'
23 March 2015: Nightwish: 'Endless Forms Most Beautiful'
20 March 2015: Amaranthe/Engel: O2 ABC2, Glasgow
20 March 2015: 'Limitless'
20 March 2015: Gloomball: 'The Quiet Monster'
19 March 2015: Mother's Finest: 'Goody 2 Shoes And The Filthy Beasts'
19 March 2015: Karnataka: The Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
17 March 2015: Eclipse/Reach: Bannerman's, Edinburgh
16 March 2015: Fateful Finality: 'Battery'
11 March 2015: The Gentle Storm: 'The Diary'
11 March 2015: Lesoir: 'Luctor Et Emergo'
9 March 2015: Motor Sister: 'Ride'
7 March 2015: Europe/Black Star Riders/The Amorettes: O2 ABC Glasgow
3 March 2015: Moonspell: 'Extinct'
22 February 2015: All That Remains: 'The Order Of Things'
22 February 2015: The Dreaming: 'Rise Again'
9 February 2015: Lonely Robot: 'Please Come Home'
5 February 2015: Issa: 'Crossfire'
3 February 2015: Hayseed Dixie: The Flowerpot, Derby
23 January 2015: Otherwise: 'Peace At All Costs'
12 January 2015: Alpha Tiger: 'iDentity'
7 January 2015: Shattered Skies: 'The World We Used To Know'
6 January 2015: Night Demon: 'Curse Of The Damned'
31 December 2014: Fish: ABC, Glasgow
29 December 2014: Best Of 2014
18 December 2014: The Amorettes: King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow
18 December 2014: Epica/Dragonforce/Neonfly: The Forum, London
13 December 2014: Sabaton/Korpiklaani/Tyr: Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow
1 December 2014: Starset: 'Transmissions'
1 December 2014: The Brew: Bannerman's, Edinburgh
27 November 2014: Powerwolf: 'The History Of Heresy II'
24 November 2014: Avatarium: 'All I Want' EP
24 November 2014: Kaledon: 'Antillius: The King Of The Light'
24 November 2014: The Gathering: Doomroosje, Nijmegen, Netherlands
20 November 2014: Stream Of Passion/Scarlet Stories: Groene Engel, OSS, Netherlands
19 November 2014: Shiran: 'Warm Winter Day'
18 November 2014: Kari Rueslatten: 'Collection'
17 November 2014: Threshold: De Boerderij, Zoetermeeer, Holland
7 November 2014: Scar Symmetry: 'The Singularity (Phase 1 - Neohumanity)'
4 November 2014: Nasty Little Lonely: 'Bad Jack And Other Stories'
31 October 2014: Haken/Leprous/Maschine: Assembly, Leamington Spa
30 October 2014: Simon McBride: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh
28 October 2014: Transatlantic: 'Kaliveoscope'
27 October 2014: Devin Townsend Project: 'Z²'
24 October 2014: My Own Ghost: 'Love Kills'
22 October 2014: Nitrogods: 'Rats And Rumours'
22 October 2014: Crucified Barbara/Supercharger: Stereo, Glasgow
8 October 2014: Mastercastle: 'Enfer (De La Bibliotheque Nationale)'
7 October 2014: Mob Rules: 'Timekeeper - 20th Anniversary Box'
6 October 2014: Hellion: 'Karma's A Bitch'
2 October 2014: Alunah: 'Awakening The Forest'
1 October 2014: Kobra And The Lotus/The King Lot: Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
25 September 2014: Amulet: 'The First'
23 September 2014: White Empress: 'Rise Of The Empress'
11 September 2014: RetConStruct: 'Denizens Of The Depths'
8 September 2014: Mike Tramp: Bannerman's Bar, Edinburgh
8 September 2014: Godsmack: '1000HP'
5 September 2014: Made Of Metal Festival Day Three: Hodonin, Czech Republic
2 September 2014: Made Of Metal Festival Day Two: Hodonin, Czech Republic
29 August 2014: Made Of Metal Festival Day One: Hodonin, Czech Republic
26 August 2014: Steve Rothery Band: 'Live In Rome'
13 August 2014: Neal Morse: 'Songs from November'
13 August 2014: Scott Stapp: 'Proof Of Life'
11 August 2014: Andrew O'Neill's History Of Heavy Metal: Pleasance Dome, Edinburgh
4 August 2014: Eluveitie: 'Origins'
1 August 2014: The Amorettes/Estrella/Guttergodz/Deadfire: The Tunnels, Aberdeen
25 July 2014: Star Insight: 'Messera'
15 July 2014: Enkelination: 'Tears Of Lust'
15 July 2014: Tarja: 'Left In The Dark'
10 July 2014: Pro-Pain: Metropol, Hengelo, Netherlands
3 July 2014: Heaven And Earth/M.ill.ion: O2 ABC 2, Glasgow
30 June 2014: Dead End Heroes: 'Roadkill'
17 June 2014: Tarja Turunen And Mike Terrana: 'Beauty And The Beat'
13 June 2014: Dan Reed Network/Peter Shoulder/The Amorettes: O2 ABC 2, Glasgow
10 June 2014: The Eagles: SSE Hydro, Glasgow
9 June 2014: Tanzwut: 'Eselsmesse'
4 June 2014: Arch Enemy: 'War Eternal'
4 June 2014: Crippled Black Phoenix/A Liquid Landscape: The Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh
27 May 2014: Eve's Fall: 'From Here On'
22 May 2014: Xandria: 'Sacrificium'
21 May 2014: Dames Of Darkness Festival, Robin 2, Bilston
21 May 2014: Sabaton: 'Heroes'
14 May 2014: Rick Wakeman: Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow
13 May 2014: Epica: O13, Tilburg, Netherlands
12 May 2014: Interview With Mark Jansen And Isaac Delahaye Of Epica About New Album 'The Quantum Enigma'
8 May 2014: Stream Of Passion/Autumn: De Effenaar, Eindhoven, Holland
1 May 2014: Romantic Rebel: 'Romantic Rebel'
25 April 2014: Stream Of Passion: Bibelot, Dordrecht, Netherlands
18 April 2014: Holy Shire: 'Midgard'
18 April 2014: Edguy: 'Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown'
18 April 2014: Within Temptation/Delain: O2 Academy, Glasgow
14 April 2014: Holy Mountain: 'Ancient Astronauts'
14 April 2014: Epica: 'The Quantum Enigma'
14 April 2014: Curved Air: The Jam House, Edinburgh
10 April 2014: Halestorm: ABC 1, Glasgow
4 April 2014: Stream Of Passion: 'A War Of Our Own'
31 March 2014: Blodwen: 'When Autumn Dies'
26 March 2014: Daughtry: ABC 1, Glasgow
14 March 2014: Interview With Marcela Bovio Of Stream Of Passion About The Forthcoming Release Of 'A War Of Our Own'
21 March 2014: Lacuna Coil: 'Broken Crown Halo'
16 March 2014: HDK: 'Serenades Of The Netherworld'
12 March 2014: Interview With Amanda Somerville And Sander Gommans About The Release Of HDK 'Serenades Of The Netherworld'
6 March 2014: Dark Sarah: 'Behind The Black Veil Episode 1'
4 March 2014: Gazpacho: 'Demon'
1 March 2014: Therion: 'Theli' Deluxe Edition
18 February 2014: Within Temptation: 'Hydra'
12 February 2014: Molly Hatchet: O2 Islington Academy, London
11 February 2014: Mayan: 'Antagonise'
3 February 2014: Fear Of Domination: 'Distorted Delusions'
31 January 2014: Butcher Babies: 'Goliath'
31 January 2014: Michael Katon: Backstage At The Green, Kinross
28 January 2014: Belladonna: 'Shooting Dice With God'
15 January 2014: Adrian Galysh: 'Tone Poet'
15 January 2014: Transatlantic: 'Kaleidoscope'
15 January 2014: Eldritch: 'Tasting The Tears'
15 January 2014: Nasty Little Lonely: 'Son Of The Flies' EP
9 January 2014: We All Die (Laughing): 'Thoughtscanning'
5 January 2014: Stream Of Passion: Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht
30 December 2013: Gogol Bordello: 02 Academy, Glasgow
28 November 2013: Crystal Viper: 'Possession'
28 November 2013: Eric Martin: Almere, Netherlands
27 November 2013: My Favourite Scar/Amanda Somerville's Trivium/Dead Man's Curse: Roermond, Netherlands
15 November 2013: Orchid: 'The Zodiac Sessions'
13 November 2013: Chastain: 'Surrender To No One'
12 November 2013: Darkhaus: 'My Only Shelter'
4 November 2013: Metal Female Voices Festival: Oktoberhallen, Wieze, Belgium
31 October 2013: Anneke Van Giersbergen/Amanda Somerville's Trillium: Le Divan Du Monde, Paris
31 October 2013: Ayreon: 'The Theory Of Everything'
27 October 2013: Pro-Pain: 'The Final Revolution'
27 October 2013: Paradise Lost: 'Tragic Illusion 25'
27 October 2013: Volbeat/Iced Earth: O2 ABC, Glasgow
27 October 2013: Simon McBride: Bannerman's, Edinburgh
14 October 2013: Zoltar Speaks: 'Save As I Save'
7 October 2013: Kill For Eden: 'Living On Mars' EP
3 October 2013: Ted Nugent: 'Ultralive Ballisticrock'
3 October 2013: Roger Waters: Amsterdam Arena, Holland
30 September 2013: Stream Of Passion: P60, Amstelveen, Holland
23 September 2013: Revamp: 'Wild Card'
23 September 2013: Sorronia: 'Words Of Silence'


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