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'Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me'
(Inside Out)
Release Date: 22nd January 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

the mute gods

German independent record label Inside Out are probably best known for their support of Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal bands and they have many high profile artists on their roster such as Devin Townsend, Spock's Beard and Ayreon which have a guaranteed audience. However they also release a lot of interesting stuff by lower profile artists and it's great that a label like this can find room for acts such as The Mute Gods.

Formed by bassist Nick Beggs who is currently best known for his collaborations with Steven Wilson but has a huge and eclectic list of work behind him (the man has worked with both Cliff Richard and Steve Hackett), the band also includes drummer Marco Minnemann(Joe Satriani) and keyboard player Roger King(Steve Hackett).

Whether a band or a project The Mute Gods are serious about what they do and the lyrical content of the album takes on some heavy subject matter, exploring themes of how society can cope with the influence and propaganda from governments, corporations and religious institutions.

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When asking such heavy, Roger Waters-like questions you would expect the music backing the lyrics up to be dark and threatening in tone and much of it is.

Songs like 'Your Dark Ideas' and the title track are heavy in a prog rock kind of sense with some intensity as well as melody but what surprises me about the album is the lighter touches.

Some of that pop related experience Beggs has had with the likes of Cliff Richard, Tina Turner and Belinda Carlisle seems to have rubbed off on him and songs like 'Praying To A Mute God' have a deft, light touch on them giving them a slightly pop prog element with echoes of the likes of It Bites about them.

There is much to enjoy here and of course, like all albums these days there is a plethora of guest appearances to look for too from people like ex Spock's Beard man Nick D'Virgilio. However for me the album has a very understated air about it which means itr doesn't always really grab the attention.

As someone more used to the full on dynamics of Metal and prog rock this album seems to be aimed somewhere else and it may well be one of those that takes you a long time to get into and rewards you for the time spent.

Right now though I have to file it under worth a listen but a band whose dark yet understated take on the world has yet to fully take hold of me.

the mute gods

Nick Beggs: string basses, string guitars, Chapman Stick, programming, keyboards and vocals
Roger King: keyboards, programming, guitars, backing vocals, production and mastering Marco Minnemann: drums, guitars and sound design

Guests on the album:
Ricky Wilde: keyboards, programming, guitars and backing vocals
Frank Van Bogaert: keyboards and backing vocals, additional mixing
Nick D’Virgilio: drums, guitar and keyboards
Gary O’toole: drums
Lula Beggs: vocals

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