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'Das Ende Aller Lugen'
(Napalm Records)
Out now

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


German Pagan Metallers Varg have spent ten years working on honing their sound and building a solid reputation on mainland Europe. Describing themselves as Wolf Metal they have a fan base known inevitably as their wolf pack and 2016 sees them signed to a bigger label in Napalm Records and looking to make their mark on the wider Metal world.

'Das Ende aller Lugen' translates as 'The End Of All Lies' and this album is a bit of all things to all men. It is blatantly political in its outlook right from opening track 'The Great Dictator' featuring a speech from the Charlie Chaplin film of the same name which satirised Hitler.

The aim of the album according to the promotional material is to expose the leaders of the world as false prophets and seducers and so there are tracks which rage at the world hardcore style like 'Revolution' and the extremely catchy and anthemic 'Achtung'.

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There is more angry ranting in 'Einherjer' too but added to that are Pagan Metal harmony vocals adding a different dimension to their sound.

'The Dance Of Death' takes that a step further as it features a duet between the metalcore style roaring of band frontman Freki and the sweet tones of Eluveitie's Anna Murphy. This works really well as do other tracks mixing in overtones of different Metal styles.

'Winterstorm' adds in some Black Metal style superfast sections and 'Rain Of Ash' starts off in epic Metal balladry mode before building up into a massive stomping chorus.

All these sounds and styles are wrapped up and presented in a way which is immediate and almost commercial, a little reminiscent of that other German Metal wolf clan Powerwolf. The production is big and certainly not subtle and designed so that the album smacks you in the face although there are some subtleties in there behind the bombast.

I have used the English language titles of the songs in this review but as a final sign that this album is designed to reach out to anyone and everyone who likes Metal, the album is available in a two disc version with both English and German recordings of the songs (interestingly some of the songs retain their German title on the English version).

Personally I think either work very well and sticking to their native language hasn't done Rammstein any harm. Overall this is a really enjoyable album in either language and the best moments are really impressive.

Try listening to 'Achtung' and it will be running around inside your head for days! If they are this good live they might bring out the wolf in me.

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