The Cadillac Three / Whiskey Myers: The Garage, Glasgow
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The Garage, Glasgow
Saturday 30th January 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

cadillac three
The Cadillac Three

Self described country fuzz outfit The Cadillac Three are a band on the rise. Less than a year ago they sold out the 300 capacity Cathouse venue in Glasgow but tonight they are in The Garage which holds more than double that number but the sold out signs are up again.

Support tonight comes from Texans Whiskey Myers and as soon as they hit the stage and launch into their first song it's clear that some of those ticket sales have gone to fans of theirs. They have support all over the hall and bunch of fans singing every word with them right down at the front. Another band with a bit of a buzz going then, and it's easy to see why.

There really isn't anything new about their brand of southern rock and you can point to echoes of Skynrd here and The Black Crowes there. However what they have in spades is the most important ingredient when playing this kind of gritty, bluesy country influenced rock and that's authenticity. Their homespun tales of life match their attitude and whether it's a down and dirty three guitar southern boogie groove or a bluesy stomp they make it live and breathe.

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There isn't much in the way of audience communication, singer Cody Cannon prefers singing in his grainy southern drawl to doing much talking apparently but tonight the audience doesn't really need much encouragement. The packed hall love them and they impress not just the hardcore fans here but many, many more besides.

whiskey myers
Whiskey Myers

Some bands would be worried about having a support act who go down so well but not The Cadillac Three. Singer and guitarist Jaren Johnston and his two companions may well have the most relaxed attitude to gigging I have ever seen.

Nothing is ever done in a hurry and there are odd little moments where there is a song intro then a pause before they launch into the song proper. Not to mention many stops for another drink or two.

The thing is though that it just doesn't matter much, certainly not to the boisterous crowd here who give them a rousing reception at every turn.

cadillac three
The Cadillac Three

Despite only being a three piece with Kelby Ray's lap steel guitar work and Neil Mason's solid drumming backing Johnston the overall sound is surprisingly heavy. Much of the subtlety of the studio versions is lost or given so much added stomp that The Cadillac Three live experience is completely different from that on album.

Personally I thought they were at their best when they either turned it down a notch such as on the country ballad 'Running Red Lights' or added a real southern boogie swing to things on songs like 'Party Like You'.

There is no denying the quality of songs like 'White Lightning' too and the crowd singalong on this tune was quite something.

Despite the distance between the band's Tennessee home and the location there was a huge love for the band here and there were a few epic crowd participation moments with the audience singing in an almost Tennessee like accent as a group, something they'd never manage individually!

So far as the vast majority of people here were concerned, this gig was a triumph and the Tennessee trio left the stage to huge acclaim.

I left feeling that I had seen two quality bands, both on their way up in the music world. Looks like the south is rising again!

Whiskey Myers:
beer beer beerbeerbeer

The Cadillac Three
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