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'Pound Of Flesh' single
Out now

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

nasty little lonely

Bristol's Nasty Little Lonely have been building up a reputation with their patented industrial post punk noise and their EPs 'Bad Jack' and Son Of The Flies' both had a slew of glowing reviews.

With a full album 'Rack And Ruin' due out on April 22nd they have released 'Pound Of Flesh' as a single, a taster of what's to come.

Built on a big riff, infused with huge industrial stomp then distorted to within an inch of its' life this is a dirty, grinding, clanking delight of a song.

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Charlie Beddoes' emotive vocals add some light and shade, part breathy sexiness, part venomous anger.

Add in the dirty, groovy bass line and you have a winner of a song which bashes its way into your brain and clings on for dear life, refusing to leave.

The song is available as free download or as part of an album pre-order at their website and is a terrific introduction to their gorgeously nasty sound. Personally I'm really looking forward to reviewing the album.

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