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Gebr De Nobel, Leiden, Netherlands
4th February 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Veteran German thrash metallers Exumer have an interesting history. They produced two albums during a six year career before calling it quits in 1991.

Seventeen years later they reformed and have just released what is now their fourth full length album 'The Raging Tides'. It's rather good too. MetalTalk's review can be seen here.

Leiden is a university town which explains why the crowd packed into the tiny club venue part of Gebr De Nobel is rather more youthful looking than I expected. The band of course look like the grizzled veterans they are as they power into the opening song.

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Singer Mem V Stein sounds more American than German as he constantly exhorts the crowd to mosh and form circle pits. I preferred it when they just let the music work the room as they have a nice line in riffs and a style which hints at Slayer in some places and even hardcore Metal like Pro-Pain in others.


They obviously have great confidence in the new album and three of the last four songs in the set are new. The crowd seem to enjoy them anyway so their confidence isn't misplaced.


In a set liberally sprinkled with a number of songs from 'The Raging Tides' and its predecessor 'Fire And Damnation' along with their classic material they got an equally positive reaction to both from a crowd which to be honest might not have had that many people old enough to know the early material.

However this made for an enjoyable set of old school Thrash Metal from a veteran band. They don't do anything new or groundbreaking But their new material is good and I hope that it is enough to get them noticed and lift them up the rankings to bigger venues second time around.


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