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'The Gathering'
(Scarlet Records)
Release Date: 26th February 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

deathless legacy

Italians Deathless Legacy don't go in for things by halves. Most bands looking to explore dark, gothic related material are happy to stick on some leather and put a floaty dress on the female singer. These Tuscan natives however go all out in delivering what they define as horror metal and add on a theatrical look and performance with full make up and the obligatory bloodstains.

'The Gathering' is their second album and is a supercharged full on gothic metal mixture, sort of like Rob Zombie and Meat Loaf having a fight to decide who gets to be in a Hammer horror movie.

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There are little nods and influences all over the place such as the "Gabba, gabba" lines al la Ramones in 'Circus Of The Freaks' (although I'm sure the band are just referencing the 1932 movie 'Freaks' like Johnny & co were), the Sabbathy riffs and feel of 'The Tomb' and the haunting Alice Cooper overtones of 'Phantom Manor'.

The best thing about this band though is that none of the influences are overpowering. They have their own take on infusing theatrical horror stories with metal and this is much more a metal album which aims to be creepy than a symphonic or doom metal stylistic offering.

deathless legacy

Singer Steva la Cinghiala gives a tour de force of a performance nailing the traditional rock singer notes perfectly while also adding in some more theatrical elements when the songs demand them. The rest of the band are no slouches either and the overall effect is that when you think of their self description of horror metal you can hear exactly what they mean.

This is a really enjoyable album for anyone who likes their metal leaning towards the melodic but with some horror film fun thrown in. Alice would be proud of them, I'm sure.

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