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'All That You Fear Is Gone'
(Inside Out)
Release Date: February 26th 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


The members of Headspace may not quite have the profile of Portnoy and company in Transatlantic but when they appeared in 2012 having the likes of Threshold's Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman of Ozzy Osborne's band on board meant they immediately got the prog supergroup tag.

Their debut album 'I Am Anonymous' was a complex and challenging album lyrically and musically and made enough waves out there to match that supergroup tag. Three plus years later and the follow up 'All That You Fear Is Gone' has arrived and while the face on the drumming stool has changed with the addition of Adam Faulkner otherwise it's business as usual.

The theme of the debut album was the individual trying to find ways to fit in with societal groups and now the concept has moved on and part two is about how groups struggle to control individuals.

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The concept is Wilson's and could be viewed as highfalutin' stuff but he is very passionate about it. That passion comes through both in his attention to the lyrics and the faultless performance he gives here. If I hear a better male vocal all year than the one he puts in on the epic 'The Science Within Us' I'll be astonished.

Musically the thirteen minutes of that track is a great showcase of what the band is about. It's complex and involving with the playing and writing doing a great job of matching the complicated structure of the ideas they are bringing to life.

Elsewhere there are shorter songs but no less full of ideas and things to grab your attention. 'Kill You With Kindness' shows Prog Metal leanings and is heavy and intense but with memorable little keyboard, guitar and vocal hook lines all over it.

It's not all complex Prog Metal though. 'Borders And Days' is almost a shock to the system with its beautiful simplicity. Exquisite acoustic guitar and keyboard playing sit behind Wilson's gentle, crooning vocal.

Meanwhile 'Polluted Alcohol' adds in some acoustic blues slide guitar giving an unexpectedly country vibe to the song. Prog country? There's always new ground to break!


This is a very busy album with some very talented individuals doing their thing and Wilson credits master mixer Jens Bogren with making sense of it all. The result is a great sounding album with all the elements correctly balanced and is a great listen on quality headphones if that's your thing.

This a terrifically rewarding album. With so much going on musically and lyrically every listen brings a new highlight and I am far from finished enjoying all those yet to be discovered delights.

Despite all that depth there is enough memorable music and quality song writing on display to grab you on the first listen too. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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