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Release Date: 4th March 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

oceans of slumber

In a world of sub-genres and sub-sub-genres of Metal like Viking Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal, Prog Metal and on and on some bands revel in being in their niche while others are desperate to break out of theirs. Texan metallers Oceans Of Slumber seem to have decided to write their own damn rule book.

I think 'Winter' is an album of real and genuine quality, full of terrific musicianship, singing and song writing. Describing the plethora of musical influences at play here is less easy though. To show what I mean here is a quote from drummer Dobber Beverley:

"Take the '70s atmosphere, blues, and psychedelia, the '80s electronics and avant-garde rock, '90s metal, groove, and sludge, and update that with our current millennium's vicious black/death/doom and love affair with dark fusion and soundscapes. Toss that all in with my Classical background, Anthony's (guitar, vocals, synth) jazz education, and Cammie's gospel/hard rock/blues upbringing, and you have the base idea of where we're coming from."

So if you are looking for a Doom-Death-Jazz-Classical-Blues-Gospel-Psychedelic-Metal band then Oceans Of Slumber are for you...

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What this band have figured out is that when you are making an album you can include all different sorts of sounds and songs so long as they sound authentic and coming from the heart.

Of course you have to have the musical skills and song writing ability to make it work, and they really do. Listening to this album all the way through for the first time you can never tell where it's going to go next, even mid song.

The title track is atmospheric and epic in scope with overtones of grunge when in reflective mood, their cover of The Moody Blues' 'Nights In White Satin' is respectful to the song with lush melodic guitar but manages to fit in Black Metal beats along the way. 'Laid To Rest' is all beautiful acoustic restraint and '..This Road' lets singer Cammie Gilbert show the full range of her huge vocal talents in a Melodic Metal epic.

Even when they do something simpler like the comparatively straight ahead rock of 'Suffer The Last Bridge' the quality shines through.

The important thing to note about this album though is that the songs are really good and despite all the different sounds and influences used in Oceans Of Slumber's style nothing sounds forced and somehow it all works.

I may have no idea what to call their kind of Metal but I'm a convert to it and love this album. If you have an open mind and are looking for something new and different look no further. 'Winter' is coming and in this case that's a very good thing.

oceans of slumber

Oceans Of Slumber:
Cammie Gilbert – Vocals
Anthony Contreras – Guitar
Sean Gary – Guitar
Keegan Kelly – Bass
Uaeb Yelsaeb - Synthesizers
Dobber Beverly – Drums

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