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'Rack And Ruin'
(Self released)
Release Date: 22nd April 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

nasty little lonely

Bristol's Nasty Little Lonely have been spending their time inflicting their post punk industrial noise on the world since 2012 via a couple of excellent EPs and some unnerving yet fascinating videos. Now they have had time to mature as a band it's time to show how far they have come and produce a full length debut album of the same high standards as their material to date.

Things start off in big, in your face guitar style with 'Pound Of Flesh', recently released as a single. Now NLL aren't about making easy listening records and their thing is all about taking a post apocalyptic, twisted, tortured view of the world and letting you hear what that excruciating experience would sound like. I have to say that in terms of the inevitable low budget world they have to live in right now the production on the album is astonishingly good.

The opening track has all the tortured guitar and distorted bass that you need perfectly balanced with Charlie Beddoes' emotive vocals. The band are a three piece and when you really focus on the music you can hear that they haven't gone overboard on the overdubs and samples. They sound big, though, really big.

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'Lizardbrain' is the only song here which featured on their previous output having appeared on the 'Son Of The Flies' EP. Its big, pounding bass hookline is as memorable as ever but I'm glad the band have made the focus of the album the new material and not leaned too much on those earlier releases.

All those new songs are pleasing in their variety, from the hypnotic grooves of 'No Way Back' to the more straightforward dark rock of 'Snake Oil' which allows drummer Dave Geracitano to show he's a lot more than just a pounder of industrial beats. Guitarist Ben Fisher gets to make his wild, almost out of tune mark just about everywhere on the album, excelling at adding a contorted, twisted vibe to his work but able to batter out a meaty riff when required such as on the furious closing track 'Dead In The Water'.

nasty little lonely

Charlie Beddoes' delightfully dirty sounding bass lines are an enormous part of the pleasure here and her vocals are great too, tuneful and even sexy at times, insistent and agonised at others. I have no lyric sheet with my review info so I can't 100% confirm exactly what she was singing about on every song but I'm sure it mostly wasn't pleasant! The effect is always fascinating though.

Truth be told I only occasionally dabble in the world of industrial music and it takes something a bit out of the ordinary to get me interested. Nasty Little Lonely do that in spades. Whether it's the way those bass lines get under your skin, the fact that they are as much about writing songs as having a vibe or just the way that after listening to them the silence when they finish sounds deafening the end result is fascinating.

Whatever the reason or reasons I think they and this album are hugely enjoyable and really worth checking out. Don't expect an easy ride though!

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