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Audio, Glasgow
16th April 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


London based metallers Derange created a stir last year with their debut album 'The Awakening', a unique blend of modern tech metal and nineties nu metal influences with side slices of melody and brutality in equal measure. Now they are out on tour to start spreading the word and are doing support to tour buddies Servant Sun in their native Glasgow.

Starting with 'The Observer' it takes the soundman a minute or two to sort out the vocals but it's soon clear that live Derange are a heavier outfit than on album. There is plenty of savage, cutting metal riffery on their debut but live that seems to become the focus, partly encouraged by the sheer volume of it all.

Guitarist Nick Crosby and bassist Joe Macpherson are fully qualified tech metal merchants, they have the extra strings on their instruments and know exactly what to do with them. Along with drummer Warren de Melo they create a furious wall of sound on 'Echo', the complex rhythms and riffs perfectly held together.

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Front and centre, singer Cat Pereira holds court in her own style. She is a fierce yet feminine presence with a roaring growl of a metal voice, astonishing in its' intensity and power. The other side of her vocal prowess however is that she has a strong melodic voice too and gradually that starts to figure more in the set. The way she switches back and forth between gutteral roars and soaring melodies in 'Passive' is just amazing. Schizophrenic metal singing at it's best!

As the set progresses you can see the audience being drawn in and 'The Negative' with its' calmer atmosphere and more restrained kind of emotional power finally starts to show the true breadth of the band's creativity.


'The Thinker' adds a bit of Rage Against The Machine style groove to the proceedings and the title track of their album has plenty of light and shade too. All too soon the set is accelerating to its' conclusion and this is achieved in fine style with Ms Pereira perched atop the monitors at the front of the stage as the pounding riff which concludes 'The Other Side' has the crowd irresistibly nodding along in unison.

Derange are a band at the start of their journey but are already a finely tuned instrument with a style all their own and some impressive musicianship. I would like to see them hold on to a little more of the melodies which are threaded through their songs when they play them live and that would make their brutal side sound even heavier. However with their unusual twin pronged vocal attack, some interesting and well crafted tunes and a dramatic controlled ferocity I think they are only a few tweaks away from becoming a force to be reckoned with.

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