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'Destination Somewhere'
Release Date: 22nd April 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland


Massive are one of those hard drinking, hard touring pure rock and roll bands that Australia sends out into the world every so often. They're not shy and they're not subtle and they have a live pedigree honed on stages on the tough Aussie pub circuit.

Their debut album 'Full Throttle' was full of attitude and supercharged modern heavy rock, hinting at the bluesy rock influences of the past with a modern dynamic and urgency. I enjoyed it immensely but wasn't sure they had enough killer songs to match their spirit and attitude.

Since then life has been a whirlwind of touring for them but somehow during all that gigging and the inevitable partying they have found time to mature their sound and their song writing skills.

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'Made Of Stone' is a great example with its' mellow vibe and beautifully fluid lead guitar hooklines. They have the confidence now to throttle back a little and let the quality of the song shine through when they need to. They even take this into country territory in album closer 'Beaten Dog' showing they can do the blues rock country shuffle in fine style.

All this variety is a great added bonus but don't think they have mellowed out completely Massive fans. 'Blood Money Blues' is catchy and melodic but drenched in sweaty energy, a bit like ZZ Top on steroids at times. 'Sinking Ship' is inventive and interesting and when the band burst into full flow driven by Brendan Forward's lead guitar it is irresistible.

The song writing is really good here whichever direction they go in, whether it's the smoky blues filled vibe of 'Made Of Stone' or the full throttle attack of 'Up In Smoke' each song is memorable in its' own way. This is a very impressive follow up to their debut, they have added a smorgasbord of influences and touches to their sound without losing that basic, adrenaline fueled sweaty rock and roll vibe.

The next big thing could be Massive if you know what I mean.

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