Nasty Little Lonely: Bar Bloc, Glasgow
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Bar Bloc, Glasgow
2nd June 2016

Ian Sutherland

ian sutherland

nasty little lonely

Bristol rockers Nasty Little Lonely don't head north of the border very often so when they announced they were playing Glasgow's cosy Bar Bloc venue I made sure I would be there as I've been impressed by their patented brand of post punk noise rock on their releases to date and especially their recently released album, 'Rack And Ruin', reviewed here.

Crammed on to a tiny stage area, minimal soundcheck time, a stand in drummer and a set sandwiched inbetween two more local bands meant that I thought this might not be the best opportunity for them to shine, but I didn't need to worry. From the stop, start power of opening song 'Doubtbox' they somehow managed to conjure a deep, bass heavy sound as if from nowhere.

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The samples which are part of their overall vibe were present but it was the live instruments which got to shine. The aforementioned deputising drummer Martin Grech was precise enough to make things flow properly but showed real power in his approach to the material and if you didn't know he wasn't their usual beat keeper you would never have guessed.

Guitarist Ben Fisher conjured up some remarkable soundscapes through the show, such as on the angular discordant shapes of 'Throw Me A Bone' Never less than fascinating to watch he does tend to spend a fair amount of time facing away from the audience which is a shame as his brooding intensity and unusual style is worth seeing.

Driving on that deep bass groove Charlie Beddoes is deceptively restrained while playing with real intensity and providing vocals which can sound sweet, almost like a post apocalypse Wendy James but as shown on the super heavy groove of 'Pound Of Flesh' there is a much harder edge there too.

The crowd is pulled in by both the quality of the material and the deft groove which is displayed among all the clanking, grinding sub industrial stomp but all too soon it's time for set closer 'Lick By Lick' which wraps things up with a vibe of tightly controlled chaos somehow.

A really impressive set from this Bristol three piece in the circumstances. I think they really just need a break somewhere along the line so people see and hear them and they start building some real momentum. I would love to see them on bigger stages than this and I hope that comes sooner rather than later.

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