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kissin dynamite

Kissin' Dynamite release their fifth studio album, 'Generation Goodbye', through AFM Records on July 8th. Available in CD and digital download formats there is also a digipak including four bonus tracks and bonus DVD (documentary, live clips, music videos). In addition there is a limited edition box set (500 units only!), inclunding Digipak, portable Bluetooth speaker, lanyard with tour pass replica, three-piece plectrum set, signed autograph card and certificate.

The first video release from the album entitled 'Hashtag Your Life' can be seen here:

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Despite four previous studio albums and history which spans nearly ten years, Kissin' Dynamite are still a surprisingly youthful band with an average age of around twenty five. That mixture of youthful enthusiasm and experience works well on this album which is their most mature to date.

The look and sound of the band has always harked back to the eighties and nineties with bands such as Guns 'N' Roses and Skid Row as obvious influences with a soupcon of AC/DC like groove added to the mix. Over the years these guys from the Swabian area in southern Germany have moulded those influences into their own thing. Now having separated from their management in 2014 and with singer Hannes Braun doing the production himself this is now totally their thing, no outside influences outwith their control now.

kissin dynamite

The result is an impressive collection of songs, sometimes unmistakably sleaze rock influenced but at other times with a sophistication to the song writing which shows that there is so much more going on here than just some party rock and attitude.

'Hashtag Your Life' is one of the simpler songs of the eleven on the album although the subject matter and the accompanying video will ring a twenty first century bell with anyone who goes to gigs nowadays. Smartphones are both a blessing and a curse. Other songs like 'Larger Than Life' and the groovy 'She Came She Saw' show that the band can do the stomping, memorable hard rock anthem as well as anyone out there these days.

There are other kinds of vibe on offer here too though like the Doro approved (it's on YouTube in German if you don't believe me) power balladry of 'If Clocks Are Running Backwards' and the the more metallic overtones of 'Under Friendly Fire'. There is plenty of imagination in the song writing and while the band have their own sound they are not afraid to push the boundaries of their style a little, such as venturing towards power metal territory in closing epic 'Utopia'.

Overall this is a very impressive album from a band maturing all the time. Hopefully they will get out beyond the European scene and let the UK see what Swabian hard rock can sound like.

Line up:
Hannes Braun, Vocals
Ande Braun, Guitar
Jim Müller, Guitar
Andi Schnitzer, Drums
Steffen Haile, Bass

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