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German power Metallers Powerwolf release their first live DVD through Napalm Records on 29th July and given that it has taken them thirteen years of hard work and constant touring to get to this point they have really gone to town with 'The Metal Mass Live' which features three full live shows plus video clips and documentaries.

It is available as a Mediabook + 2 DVD + Live CD, Mediabook + 2 blu-ray + Live CD, Earbook + 2 DVD + 2 Live CD, Live CD and Gatefold Double Vinyl and all versions come with lavish packaging.

Powerwolf have fun with Metal imagery, borrowing some of the black Metal/gothic Metal look with their facepaint and stage shows. They poke fun at the Satanic side of things too, calling all their shows Metal Masses but musically they come from the European power Metal tradition which means memorable tunes with lots of melody and singalong choruses. Great fun on album though they are (and they have topped the German album charts in the past), this kind of music is designed for people standing in a field in their thousands clapping along together and being encouraged to add "hey"s or "woo-ooh"s in unison at every opportunity. The fact that Metal has a community spirit is never more obvious anywhere than at a Powerwolf gig.

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This package contains three full live shows with two festival performances at Masters Of Rock in the Czech Republic and Summer Breeze in Germany filmed during last year's festival season. Playing in front of such large audiences is where they belong and the audience reaction they get at both shows is impressive.

The third show is from later in the year during their European tour and is from an indoor show in Oberhausen. I saw them in Leiden in the Netherlands on that tour and my review can be seen here here.


This is a show where they obviously had much more control over the filming and sound recording so it is easily the best of the three here to both watch and listen to. Despite the much smaller audience they lose none of that community Metal spirit though and the gig is just one big party all the way through. If you buy one of the audio only versions this is the only show you will get.

Along with these three live sets you also get the obligatory video clips and behind the scenes documentaries, the latter being for only the truly committed fans as always.


If you are new to Powerwolf this seven hour extravaganza is not the best place to start but if you are a fan everything you could possibly want in a live DVD is here. The Oberhausen show in particular shows what they are all about and is hugely enjoyable. I still think it's strange they don't have a bass player in their live line-up and I could do without the drum solos but that is just down to my own taste.

You may find yourself punching the air and shouting "hey" from your couch or singing along to the insanely catchy 'All You Need Is Blood' by the time you're finished. Maybe the best power Metal fun you can have outside of a trip to Wacken and with a lot less mud.


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