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Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 25th September 2016

ian sutherland
Ian Sutherland


On this co-headlining tour, The Amorettes and Love Zombies have decided to toss a coin each night to decide who will headline. Tonight, Love Zombies lose and so they're first onstage at the Electric Circus.

The London-based outfit are full of a brittle, nervous energy which fuels their pop punk songs. It all seems to be about the attitude, and their American singer Hollis J is certainly full of that. Brimming with confidence, she's happy to chat away between songs while, during them, she never stands still for a second as she spits out the lyrics.

This was my first sighting of Love Zombies and while their energy went down well in the packed little club, aside from a cover of The Ramones' 'Blitzkreig Bop', none of their songs were very memorable. Attitude is not enough in my opinion.


The Amorettes don't have any problems on the song front as their third album 'White Hot Heat' is packed with catchy riffs and anthemic tunes (as were their previous efforts). Tonight, this Scottish power trio may be on home soil but the no-nonsense attitude is just the way they are, whether at home or away.

The set is peppered with new tunes, and the likes of 'Let The Neighbours Call The Cops' and 'Stealing Thunder' already come across as audience favourites. The more restrained 'Crusader' loses a bit of the melodic edge of its recorded version but The Amorettes live are all about hot, sweaty full-throttle fun anyway.

Older tunes like 'Give 'Em Hell' and 'Bull By The Horns' sound fantastic, the driving rhythm section topped by Gill Montgomery's cultured riffs and solos. All the touring seems to have given her voice a pleasingly raw rock edge too.

All too soon, it's time for the traditional set closing singalong of 'Hot And Heavy' and 'Take Cover' from their debut. It's a suitably rifftastic encore to end the evening, albeit way too early.

Something about how this tour works means that tonight we only get around fifty minutes from The Amorettes, which is disappointing, but what we have been treated to is another example of why they are getting talked about so much. Catch them live before they inevitably start to play bigger places. It's hot and heavy metal fun!

It's the last night of the tour tonight, Saturday 1st October, and the bands are in Islington, London. Tickets are still available right here.


Love Zombies
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The Amorettes
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