Diamond Head Leave Edinburgh Audience Helpless In The Heat Of The Night
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Diamond Head: La Belle Angele, Edinburgh
6th October 2016

ian sutherland
Ian Sutherland

diamond head

This gig was a long time coming for we long in the tooth Edinburgh area Diamond Head fans. They used to play in the city regularly back in the day but this show was their first here since 1984.

The band are on a great run right now with a rejuvenated line-up featuring singer Rasmus Bom Anderson (who delighted in telling the crowd he wasn't born the last time the band played in Edinburgh) and an excellent new album to promote. The veteran fans in the crowd were joined by a healthy turn out of younger faces and there was a real expectation in the air when they took to the stage.

diamond head

The tone for the evening was set right from the start when the hook laden, cultured tones of 'Borrowed Time' was segued seamlessly into the full throttle riffing of 'Bones' from their latest album. The old and the new sitting together and complimenting each other is what Diamond Head are all about these days. The rhythm section of drummer Karl Wilcox and bassist Dean Ashton keep everything nailed down tight allowing the old school Heavy Metal guitar legend that is Brian Tatler to show off his skills. Alongside him Anderson shows all that youthful vigour and energy he has brought to the band plus that sparkling, soaring vocal range he has.

The great songs just keep coming, from the frantic grooves of 'Helpless' to the sheer power of 'Lightning To The Nations' and the pristine quality of 'Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night)' from the cruelly ignored 'Death And Progress' album. They really do have a back catalogue full of great tunes and it's a real sign of how good the new album is that the tracks aired from that fit in with them so seamlessly.


'All The Reasons To Live' really does sound like Diamond Head of old but with a fresh energy while 'See You Rise' lets that powerful rhythm section really drive the song along.

If any of the crowd aren't familiar with the new songs you can't tell from the reaction and 'Diamonds' goes down just as well as its' older cousins 'It's Electric' and 'Shoot Out The Lights'.

diamond head

All too soon the night is wrapping up and of course they have to play THAT song. 'Am I Evil' is probably the reason we still have Diamond Head to enjoy nowadays and it sounds as epic as ever. The original is a million times better than the heavy handed Metallica cover for me and tonight it was just a joyous celebration with the audience screaming along and punching the air. Great riffs and quality songwriting never age.

This was simply a triumphant return to Scotland's capital city for Diamond Head. I hope they keep their promise to return next year. I don't think I can wait another thirty two years!


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Borrowed Time
Lightning To The Nations
See You Rise
All The Reasons You Live
In The Heat Of The Night
To Heaven From Hell
The Prince
Shoot Out The Lights
It's Electric
Am I Evil?

Shout At The Devil
Sucking My Love



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