Stream Of Passion Cement Their Legacy With A Memorable Performance On 'Memento' DVD
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Stream Of Passion: 'Memento'
Released: 25th November 2016 (Independent)

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland

stream of passion

Dutch/Mexican symphonic prog Metallers Stream Of Passion are moving quickly towards the end of their eleven year career. Having announced they are calling it a day at the end of 2016, they decided to record a show and put out their first live DVD since 'Live In The Real World' ten years ago, also the first with this line-up which has been together since 2009.

Recorded at the P60 venue in Amstelveen in front of a sold out crowd, this DVD features a set list mostly comprised of songs chosen by the fans who crowdfunded their last studio release, 'A War Of Our Own'.

When you are recording just one show as a live DVD, intended to be a record of how good a live band you were for your all your fans to treasure, you would think that would be a lot of pressure. It's a testament to how much of a unit this line-up of the band has become that there is absolutely no sign of that at all. The performance is absolutely top notch from all six musicians and all the elements that made them such a dynamic live act are here.

Musically they have all the twists and turns you could wish for, the heavy sounds of 'Monster' and 'Haunted', the heartbreakingly beautiful quiet moments in 'Open Your Eyes' and 'Broken', the latin twists sprinkled on top in 'Delirio' and 'Nostalgia' plus songs like 'Lost' and 'Collide' where all the elements are combined to make their unique sound.

The fan base may wonder if 'Memento' is going to be the souvenir of the live shows they want and I have to say it is and then some. As it's a self financed release there's no blu-ray version but the picture quality on the standard DVD is very high indeed and the camera work is generally pretty good too.

Personally I get annoyed when they switch angles too quickly and I'd focus on lead guitarist Stephan Schultz all the way through any of his amazing solos as his playing is really worth watching, but rock and Metal stuff is always filmed that way so nothing to be surprised about. Overall the look of the show is terrific and they have really captured how much these guys enjoy playing together; there are smiles aplenty.

The sound is fantastic here too. Mixed by long time collaborator Joost van den Broek, who has captured the big, bold sound of the band completely and you can feel the bombast but hear the subtleties too. Being a keyboard player of some renown himself Mr van den Broek has made sure that Jeffrey Revet is high in the mix, something that didn't always happen at every show Stream Of Passion played, and his skills really shine here. Everyone actually gets to shine really but it's particularly nice to get a properly balanced recording of just how much of a damn fine singer Marcela Bovio is. The voice of Mexico is in amazing form all the way through.

As a big fan myself I can confirm that this memento of the band's career ticks all the right boxes, to the point of giving me pangs of regret while watching it knowing that after their final show in Utrecht on December 28th this DVD will be all we have left to relive those great shows with. It is absolutely essential for any fans of the band and anyone who is into prog or Metal should be advised it's really worth checking out too. Pure passion in action.

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