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sam hayler

A novelist, musician, actor and Heavy Metal fanatic, I've always been looking for more ways to challenge myself as an individual and performer.

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth – just a few names of many that set me on course for Heavy Metal bliss. The thundering drum fills, God-like screams and harmonious melodies took one un-confident teenager and turned him into someone who didn't give a damn.

And the deeper I dived into the scene, the more transfixed I became by the lifestyle and ethics. Metal wasn't just a loud and heavy sound (as I'd previously believed), it was a culture in which respect and love were of the highest priority. This of course excludes the "emo" or "core" bands, many of which have created a damaging image for the genre.

In a world where Metal has become associated with greasy fringes, stretched ears and self-harm, I hope that I can do my part to remind people of Metal's true intentions and the bands that put their life and soul into making art.

Saying that, I never antagonise or judge others for their musical taste, as people who do are equally as damaging to the way in which our beloved culture is seen. Listen to what you want, love what you love – just don't kick up a hissy fit about it.

I'll be reviewing bands of the traditional and extreme categories most frequently and contribute what I can to offer a unique insight into upcoming music. Peace, ~ SH

20th October 2015: Korn Are Here To Stay
3rd June 2015: Coal Chamber: Brighton Concorde 2
4th April 2015: Mordenial: 'Where The Angels Fall'
3rd March 2015: Toledo Steel: 'Zero Hour' EP
12th February 2015: Caelestia: 'Beneath Abyss'


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