Dust Bowl Jokies: 'Dust Bowl Jokies'
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'Dust Bowl Jokies'
Release Date: 22nd April 2016

Brian Boyle

brian boyle

dust bowl jokies

The New Wave Of Sleaze Metal may not have had the same impact on music that other movements have over the years, but there's no denying its enduring tongue in cheek persona has amassed a highly dedicated cult following. And Sweden's Dust Bowl Jokies are fast emerging as the new kingpins of the genre. Their 2014 debut 'Cockaigne Vaudeville' got appetites well drenched with its barrage of groin thrusting rock 'n' roll.

This self-titled follow up won't hit you with anything you haven't heard before, but we're not searching for the Holy Grail here. In typical cocksure fashion the record unveils itself with the stomping Mama Cocha, with rib tickling grooves and meaty hooks a plenty, it's a sumptuous opener that sets the bar dangerously high.

I don't think that I'm alone in saying that as a name for a gritty rock band, Dust Bowl Jokies is more than a tad iffy, and with band members who's names include Action and Tell you'd be forgiven for thinking that you're about to listen to Scandinavia's answer to Spinal Tap. But when you eventually bypass the comic element, you're left with a band with all the tools necessary in constructing quality pop rock songs.

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The Leppard-esque 'The Moon Hangar Groove', which was premiered on MetalTalk here seduces straight away with it's come to bed chorus. And the Springsteen flavoured 'Old Fashioned Country Canvas', with its sexy sax element, instantly puts you in a jovial mood; this is pure and simply American airwave hugging rock.

​ If these guys ain't to your liking, one thing is for certain you can't deny the magic they possess as a collective group of musicians. It's not very often you sense an infectious chemistry between a band right from the get go. With the twin axe attack of Tell and Nicke, it's evident in spades, churning out rhythmic power and some seriously sweet guitar solos.

On a vocal level with Alexx, Dust Bowl Jokies have in their possessions a flamboyant frontman with a fine set of pipes. He may at times look like a jilted member of The Village People, but that doesn't deter from the shift he puts in on the cheesy, but likable Rawbone. This guy is a born rock star, at times sounding like a petulant Sebastian Bach; he completely bosses the rousing stomp fest of Bad JuJu.

If it wasn't for the ropey lyric: "I picked my toenails when we went for a walk", Son Of A Sun would be a near perfect piece of work. Atmospheric and comfortably haunting, it displays a completely different side to this band other than in your face brashness. However, it's that tawdry delivery on the big and brassy lead off single LuLu that closes this record out. With every bell and whistle on display here, this noisy gem will be ringing in your ears long after the final chords end.

If you like your rock riotously delivered with zero punches pulled, there's more than enough here to tickle your fancy.

Line Up:
Alexx-Lead Vocals

Track Listing:
Mama Cocha
The Moon Hangar Groove
Old Fashioned Country Canvas
Pink Flamingos
Bad JuJu
Hogs And Heifers
Son Of A Sun

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