Doro: 'Love's Gone To Hell'
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'Love's Gone To Hell'
Six Track-Maxi Single
'Nuclear Blast)
Out Now

Brian Boyle

brian boyle


With a thirteenth studio album in the pipeline, the Metal Queen keeps the appetites of her faithful satisfied with the release of a six track maxi-single.

With three different versions of 'Love's Gone To Hell' to throw your ears on, the all important radio version naturally kicks things off. As metal ballads go, this evocative masterpiece is up there with the best of them.

Vocally, the track comes into its own on the mesmeric chorus, with Doro's fifty-one-year-old pipes beautifully balanced throughout. Keeping a dark and haunting pace, it's a compelling listen from start to finish.

The accompanying chilling video (below) echoes the painful emotion that's emanating throughout the song. If this is the benchmark for the next album, then the Dusseldorf legend will only reaffirm her standing as the finest metal goddess in the business.

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Bar the extra forty-five seconds, the studio version doesn't really give you anything extra except a much meatier guitar sound. But if you like a much more gritty and off the cuff sound then the original demo version will have you grinning from ear to ear. A much more powerful and punchy delivery, it reaches its peak with its sweet melodic guitar solo.

Over the years Doro has become well known for her long list of collaborations and duets with her fellow metallers. Her ventures with luminaries such as German Udo Dirkschneider and more recently Swedish hard hitters Amon Amarth have created some pretty special moments. And as good as 'Love's Gone To Hell' is, the real jewel on this little bundle is her 2012 team up with the late, great Lemmy Kilmister with 'It Still Hurts'. Taken from the 'Raise Your Fist' album, it still hits the spot with its genuine and emotive vibes.


The two live tracks featured, 'Rock Till Death' featuring Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) and 'Save My Soul', sound absolutely pulsating with fully driven metal performances. This is Doro's natural habitat and her dedication to her craft is overwhelmingly evident here.

June sees the release of the DVD, '30 Years Doro Strong & Proud', in which these songs feature. Taken from her 30th anniversary gigs in Wacken and Dusseldorf, these live beauties will no doubt go up several notches with the visual element. But if you can't wait that long, then this wonderful little package will keep your Doro cravings in check.

Track Listing:
Love's Gone To Hell (Radio Version)
Love's Gone To Hell (Single Version)
It Still Hurts (feat Lemmy Kilmister)
Rock Till Death (Live)
Save My Soul (Live)
Love's Gone Tell (Original Demo Version)

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