The Burning Crows/Stone Trigger: Fibber Magee's, Dublin
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Fibber Magee's, Dublin
15th May 2016

Brian Boyle

brian boyle

burning crows

If you're of a religious persuasion then you'll know that to some missing mass in Ireland on a Sunday is a guaranteed one way ticket to the bowels of Hell. So if you missed your weekly sermon about the wonders of the bearded one, what better way to cleanse your soul than with a night of swashbuckling rock n' roll with The Burning Crows.

But before the Brit rockers took to the alter, Dublin's Stone Trigger were handed the task of loosening up the crowd. Bit of a problem there; there wasn't really a crowd at all. When I initially arrived at the venue, the only sinners were a suicidal looking barman and a young lady who looked like her date for the evening had opted for a promise elsewhere.

As the glamsters A team intro tape rang out, the crowd had swelled to a "healthy" nine, but unfortunately their set was severely hampered by sound problems. Still they did their best to power through and there were some bright moments. The thundering 'Rattle Your Bones' from their impressive 'Black Venom' EP showed early promise. But it was their brilliant rendition of Billy Idol's 'Rebel Yell' that covered most of the cracks.

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By the time The Burning Crows made their entrance, the attendance had peaked at a paltry twenty-five. A pretty pathetic showing considering these are one of the most exciting and talked about bands to emerge in recent years. Capitalising on the success of stunning debut 'Behind The Veil', new album 'Murder At The Gin House' is another classy slab of feel good rock n' roll. Some of those new tunes got a damn good airing tonight, particularly fresh faced numbers like 'She's The Summertime' and 'Shine', two beauts sure to be set regulars for a long time to come.

As each track passed the attendance issue was becoming less awkard, in fact they used it to their advantage. Mainman Whippz made light of it all night with his hilarious quips in between songs which seemed to inject a bit of life into the muted atmosphere. The Norwich boys didn't seem deterred by the low turnout one bit as they pumped out a performance with such vigour it could have graced the stages of the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden.

You can't deny the 'Behind The Veil' album has an unmistakable live feel but when those tracks are unleashed in the flesh they take on a completely different personality. Pint raising belters 'Shine', 'All The Way' and 'Slow Up Get Down' all landed a firm punch and made you want to throw every shape possible without giving a fiddlers. But that's what these lads are all about; maximum fun with zero pretention.

Another newbie, 'Feels Like Home', once again brought out that fun element and gave us the most memorable part of the evening. With Whippz amusingly ripping the piss out of drummer Chris Chapman for most of the evening it was guitarist Lance Daniels' turn in the chair. On the announcement of his name we were all instructed to turn on our heels and hide behind the wall facing the bar. Being an obliging little bunch we did as instructed and the gag went down a storm.

As Whippz growled out the closing lyrics: "One more shot of whiskey, one more shot of wine," the evening which looked doomed at the first knockings ended on a unanimous high.

Some might say I was lucky to witness a band of that calibre in such an informal manner, maybe, but frankly I was embarrassed. Bad advertising was mentioned but in the age of social media I don't buy that. My theory was that on a rare scorching hot day in Dublin maybe people just couldn't be arsed leaving the comfortable surroundings of their patio or beer garden.

If you were one of those, shame on you. You missed a cracker.

Set List:
All The Way
Best Damn Everything
Goodbye (To The Sunshine)
Behind The Veil
Slow Up Get Down
She's The Summertime
Feels Like Home

The Burning Crows are:
Chris Chapman-Drums
Lance Daniels-Guitars
Will Lockett-Bass

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