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'Songs From The Garage'
(Metal Blade Records)
Released 27th May 2016

Brian Boyle

brian boyle

jim breuer

The US stand up comic indulges his lifelong love of hard rock and Heavy Metal with his debut album 'Songs From The Garage'.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past couple of months you will have heard all the reasons, right or wrong, as to why Brian Johnson departed AC/DC. A name you might have fallen upon during this time may well have been Jim Breuer.

The comic has been a household name in the States for nearly twenty years, mainly due to his slot on the legendary Saturday Night Live. However, it was his comments about the Geordie singers exit from the Aussie legends that brought his name to the international forefront.

His comment that Johnson, who guests on two songs on this album and is also a close friend, felt "kicked to the curb" after 36 years service went viral. And whether or not he had his album release in mind when voicing his opinion, the timing could not have been better.

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Feeding on a stable diet of The Scorpions, Judas Priest and Ozzy Osbourne, he unleashes all those influences throughout this album. But a word of warning, while there is a vein of humour protruding throughout the record, Spinal Tap, Bad News or Tenacious D it ain't, so don't be prepared to have your sides split in two.

The album erupts with 'Trash', a snarling cocktail of venomous Heavy Metal. Clearly trying to early quash any thought that this might be a massive piss take, the track does take a slight comedic turn, but he more than nails down his Metal credentials with a fulsome thump.

jim breuer

If you can get past the adolescent buffoonery of 'Raising Teenage Girls' and the tremendously irritating 'Be A Dick 2Nite', you hit with two tracks that are quite simply the money shots on the record. And it's no coincidence that Mr Johnson is at the helm. That famous and wonderfully soothing Newcastle accent narrates the smoky blues tones of 'My Rock n' Roll Dream', but it's the undoubted AC/DC influenced 'Mr Rock n' Roll' that gives this album it's most memorable moment.

That's not to say the album nosedives after that; the instantly addictive 'Who's Better Than Us' shows us that Breuer wasn't relying on his old buddy for a hand out. With a chorus as hot as the Devil's armpit and a meaty rhythm, you tend to forget what this guy does for a day job.

jim breuer

Lyrically the album won't suit a deep thinker, tracks such as 'Family Warrior', 'Sugar Rush' and 'Wannabe' won't earn him a bunch of Ivor Novello awards but if you want to sling on your faithful air guitar and throw some embarrassing shapes along to Rob Caggiano's sumptuous selection of riffs, this album will give you plenty to get your teeth into. So maybe worth digging deep in the bargain bins.

In fairness to Breuer, he's probably had this album itching away at him for years, and in truth probably could not have done any better. It's just as well he's a funny bugger.

Track List:
Raising Teenage Girls
Old School
Be A Dick 2Nite
My Rock n' Roll Dream
Mr Rock n' Roll
Who's Better Than Us
Family Warrior
Sugar Rush
The Unexplained

Line Up:
Jim Bruer - Vocals
Mike Tichy - Drums
Rob Caggiano - Guitars
Joe Vigliotti - Bass

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