Blues Pills Majestically Up Their Game And Strike Gold Again
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blues pills

It’s fair to say the label "retro rock" is slapped on far too many bands without the bona fide evidence to back it up but that most definitely cannot be aimed at Sweden’s Blues Pills. Encapsulating throw back vibes of psychedelic, blues and good old classic rock they are without doubt the flag wavers of the genre. And new album 'Lady In Gold' is primed and ready to catapult them to more fruitful levels.

The Scandinavian foursome set the bar extremely high with their masterful debut offering in 2014. Very healthy chart positions ensued across Europe, plus their live reputation quickly gathered pace.

Judging by the opening couple of tracks, there is absolutely no sign of the daunting second album syndrome. The stunning title track followed by the soul seduced 'Little Boy Preacher' evidently tells you this band have monumentally raised the bar they set with their debut album.

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An ever bulging vein of maturity in their song writing protrudes in virtually every track. The sultry blues tones of 'Burned Out' and the spine chilling 'I Felt A Change' are branded with a searing hot vocal masterclass by Elin Larsson. And that’s where the jewel in this album lies, and lets face it, rock music has been starved of a goddess for far too long now. In Larsson you get the whole package, beauty, presence and barrel loads of unrivalled talent.

At no point does this record threaten to derail. More soulful genius in 'Bad Talkers' once again holds your attention with a wide grin. Producer Don Alsterberg has clearly let the band spread their wings and fly as creative freedom seeps out by the bucketful with relentlessly class results.

blues pills

They ramp it up on a blistering rock fuelled 'Won’t Go Back', with new bucket banger Andre Kvarnstrom linking in with bassist Zack Anderson like their joined at the hip but once again it’s the hypnotic energy of Larsson that consistently reigns you in. Penultimate track 'Rejection' sees her belt out a wonderful, aggressive, but controlled performance on a tune that’s etched in bitter regret.

But hands down it’s curtain closer 'Elements And Things' that leaves the biggest mark. While it may be a cover of singer songwriter Tony Joe White’s 1969 track, Blues Pills have taken custody of this with a firm grip and have given it a stunning reawakening. A long time member of their live set, the temptation to add a few studio bells and whistles has paid off with a phenomenal version.

Blues Pills have delivered an absolute blinder of an album here so get dosed up and enjoy.

Track List:
Lady In Gold
Little Boy Preacher
Burned Out
I Felt A Change
Gone So Long
Bad Talkers
You Gotta Try
Won’t Go Back
Elements And Things

Blues Pills are:
Elin Larsson - Vocals
Dorian Sorriaux - Guitar
Zack Anderson - Bass
Andre Kvarnstrom - Drums

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