The Cadillac Three Have Made The South Rise Again
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brian boyle

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The frightening thought that teeth watering acts such as Garth Brooks or Shania Twain are the last word in country rock is most definitely about to become a thing of the past now that Nashvilles finest, The Cadillac Three, have finally delivered their long awaited second album 'Bury Me In My Boots'.

One thing is for certain, you can't accuse The Cadillac Three of resting on their laurels and basking in the plaudits that they received on the back of their debut album. Since 2012 they have put in some serious road miles playing every bar, club or outhouse that would have them. On their travels, they amassed enough life experiences to inspire an album full of sentiment, mayhem and good old Southern swagger.

You might think that opening, and title track, 'Bury Me In My Boots' is laced with a large dollop of black humour but if you dig deep into its lyrical content, you get a sense of their laid-back attitude towards life and how they'd like to vacate it. Beautifully sung, Jaren Johnston's smooth drawl flows like illegal liquor throughout while the touch paper is well and truly lit on 'Slide', a bruising smut laden belter that makes you want to go out and brew some moonshine and do something off the scale with your good lady.

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Not afraid to sing inebriated themed tunes, 'Drunk Like You' and 'Buzzin'' do offer a lot more than just tales of being out on the piss. Dark and haunting, they do delve deep into the bands psyche and show an ever-growing intelligence towards their song writing. But there can be no doubting that the modus operandi of these chaps is having a shit happy whale of a time and at times they make ZZ Top look like Pink Floyd.

The swampy tones of 'Ship Faced' and the majestically titled 'Soundtrack To A Six Pack' won't get your mind working overtime but will most likely put severe stress on your bottle opener. These are pure, shameless and unadulterated drinking songs executed by three guys who have a clear passion for the devil's sweat.

The Jaren Johnston penned 'The South', which was originally released in 2013, has quickly become the bands signature tune, something that Johnston was aiming for. Recalling his first time hearing 'Sweet Home Alabama', he wanted that type of tune to have a similar impact in their live show. While it probably won't go down in music history like Skynyrd's classic, amongst their followers it will always get the biggest roar when its opening chords ring out.

cadillac three

Writing 'White Lighting' will probably be one of the smartest things Johnston has ever done. An exquisite ballad penned for his wife, he has virtually guaranteed his stay out late pass for life. A song with first dance then snog written all over it, it's nailed on to have a resonating effect with people. The romantic streak continues in style with closer 'Runnin' Red Lights', another smoocher that will not just tug at your heartstrings, it will have them in knots.

Johnston has this described this album as "Black Sabbath on cornbread" and as off the wall as that might sound to the majority, after a few spins of this record you will get a real gist of what he means. With the rigorous pounding from drummer Neil Mason, Kelby Ray's insurgent lap steel and some barking licks from Johnston, they are a band who revel in pushing the envelope. I doubt you will come across an album anytime soon as genuine and as straight from the ticker as this.

Bury Me In My Boots
Drunk Like You
Party Like You
Ship Faced
Soundtrack To A Six Pack
White Lightning
The South
This Accent
Peace, Love & Dixie
Hot Damn
Runnin' Red Lights

The Cadillac Three are:
Jaren Johnston: Guitar, Lead Vocals Kelby Ray: Dobro, Acoustic, Lap Steel
Neil Mason: Drums, Percussion

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