Tempt's Titanic Debut Is A Runaway Success
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Brian Boyle


Hailing from New York, fresh-faced Tempt may look like they haven't yet discovered the wonders of shaving but in their music their maturity is immediately evident. They sent heads spinning on the release of their self-financed EP, and this is now followed by 'Runaway', a fifteen-track debut album that has all the ingredients to catapult them to the big time.

I must admit it's not often I get an album, stick it on and immediately get a jolt of nostalgia. Don't get me wrong, Tempt are far from being an eighties rock tribute act, but their heart is clearly immersed in the era. The opening glut of tracks took me straight back to that glorious time. Listening to 'Comin' On To You', 'Under My Skin' and the title track reminded me of hearing Def Leppard's 'High 'n' Dry' and 'Pyromania' albums for the first time, the Sheffield giants' influence blatant throughout, with meaty hooks and shuddering guitars ten a penny.


There are traces of the Hagar-fronted Van Halen in the addictive 'The Fight' and 'What Is Love', and they pull off the obligatory power ballad, the silky 'Time Won't Heal', with all the swagger of seasoned professionals. Most bands of this model will always churn out a soothing number, and this little gem hits the spot. But make no mistake, they know how to rattle bones too, packing the heat with gritty, cocksure tracks like 'Love Terminator' and 'Fucked Up Beautiful'.

With a producer of Michael Wagener's calibre in charge, the results were always going to be impressive. The German has cracked the whip with some of the finest names in rock, including Motley Crue, Skid Row and Alice Cooper, his work raking in sales of nearly one hundred million albums. His Midas touch has clearly done the trick with these guys, as each track is delivered with enduring slickness. Lead vocalist Zach Allen's impressive range commands every track with assured ease, and Harrison Marcello frequently tears it up with some tasty fretwork.

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To say this album is all killer no filler may be a tad too generous, but let me tell you something: it ain't far off. Bands like this who produce high-end melodic rock are thin on the ground these days. For fans of unadulterated, hook-laden tunes, adding this to your collection should be an absolute no brainer.

Tempt are:
Zach Allen - Vocals
Harrison Marcello - Guitar, Keyboards
Nicholas Burrows - Drums
Max McDonald - Bass

Track List:
Comin On To You
Under My Skin
Use It Or Lose It
The Fight
What Is Love
Time Won't Heal
Love Terminator
Fucked Up Beautiful
Dirty One
Aamina MW

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