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Sara Harding


I love working for MetalTalk and my nine to five doesn't get any better when my big Ed' asks me to review the latest Motörhead merch which comes (ooer matron) as a large black embossed dildo endorsed by the band themselves. As my postie hands me this large package with a cheeky wink, I'm very excited to rip open this intriguing box and review it.

The first collection of Motörhead sex toys came out just three months before the late, great Lemmy's death and quickly sold out. The band say this new collection will serve as a reminder that Motörhead will rock fans forever. Guitarist Phil Campbell states: "Just like our live shows, the next morning after using our sex toys you will be thinking what the fuck was that? And go to work with a big smile. Just like the band, our products are extreme! Enjoy with care."

Mikkey Dee adds: "Wherever you see, hear or feel Motörhead, you know that it's going to be the most powerful time you'll enjoy."


There are a total of seven toys in the collection now ranging from a very reasonable £14 up to £90 on the Lovehoney website right here. I've been sent the Motörhead Bomber, which is presented in a stylish dark box, complete with a picture of the toy inside. The gold design War Pig on the front is unmistakably Motörhead as are the two Ace Of Spades logos that adorn it, making it totally recognizable and it also comes with a sexy, satin bag to pop it into.

The Bomber has been cleverly designed with a very different shape to other glass sex toys. It has a much more defined point to the tip, and a shaft that tapers slightly before narrowing to the base. With its silicone tail the dildo really does resemble the shape of an actual bomb. It stands upright on a purpose built rubber base and looks so sleek sitting there, you could actually display it rather than play with it. But that's not what I intend to do! Guaranteed to rock your world - it would be rude not to give it a bash.

So on goes my fave Motörhead spotify playlist and it's time for the fun to begin. There are two ways to handle this bomber – hot or cold and both are fun options. It's designed to hit the g-spot and that it does.


The perfectly designed hand crafted glass pleasure tool is perfectly shaped to slip inside for a strike that will blow your mind and promises you a weapons-grade orgasm. Or should I say rock-gasm!

I soon discover it's a really lovely sized toy, it's not huge, but it's not too small either; the dimensions are perfect. It has an average-sized length and after a few minutes it really did hit the spot.

After play it's very easy to clean. A spritz of sex toy cleaner, rinse and return it to your toy box in its own Motörhead storage bag, or in my case on proud display with my other rock memorabilia. This is a really great glass dildo, so thank you Ed' - I will enjoy rocking out with my sexy souvenir of Motörhead regularly in the future.

Click here to check them out for yourselves...

Nine knee trembles out of ten.


lemmy remembered

lemmy remembered

lemmy remembered



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