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Chris Glen & The Outfit/The Jimi Anderson Group/Tergazzi: Bannermans, Edinburgh

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Mark Holloway

21st February 2018

chris glen and the outfit

Edinburgh three piece Tergazzi hadn't played live for a while so they eased their way into their set but within a couple of songs were in their old school power trio groove.

Guitarist Andy Bremner plays a fierce lead on his flying V while bassist Dawn R Cumming and drummer Steve Lafferty lay down the heavy duty rhythms behind it.

In a short six song set it was 'Breakin' Up' which stood out for me with an impressive melodic mid section which let Lafferty show off a variety of fills. I got the feeling as they wrapped up the set with their own song 'Rock And Roll' that they were just getting into their stride.

chris glen and the outfit

Lanarkshire born Jimi Anderson has been on and off the melodic rock scene for a long time. Despite his veteran status this is the first time I have caught him live with the band he's formed to play his new original material and it's obvious from the start of 'Welcome To The Revolution' that I've been missing out on something.

There's an easy, confident swagger to what they're doing, with an extremely competent band hitting a nice groove behind an insistent riff with Anderson's strong melodic rock vocal fitting nicely over the top of it all.

chris glen and the outfit

The rest of the set didn't disappoint after that good start, showcasing some excellent songs from the band's debut album such as the title track 'Long Time Comin'' with its easy on the ears chorus and searing lead breaks.

Anderson himself is likeable and engaging and works the crowd in a gentle, jokey manner which works well, adding charm to some really nice vocals.

JAG aren't doing something innovative and new, but they are breathing a new life and energy into a classic melodic rock sound in a way I've rarely heard in the last few years.

chris glen and the outfit

I hope if rumours are true that Anderson is moving on to something bigger that this band doesn't get completely forgotten about, there's plenty of promise in these guys with that front man.

Bass player Chris Glen is well known to rock fans of a certain vintage, making his name with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band in the seventies and adding to his reputation working with Michael Schenker on some of his best eighties solo material.

These days like most of his contemporaries, he just can't resist getting onto a stage once in a while to take the old tunes out of the cupboard and give them an airing. As a result, we get occasional gigs from his band he calls The Outfit, made up of experienced, seasoned players.

On this occasion The Outfit are debuting a new singer in Chris Aylward but from the very first note of 'Armed And Ready' it's clear that the ex-SAHB man has chosen wisely and he belts out the lyrics with a strong, clear voice.

chris glen and the outfit

The set is inevitably made up mostly of songs from his best known days and there was more Schenker aired than I expected.

It was a treat to hear the chugging riff of 'Victim Of Illusion' and a sprightly 'Let Sleeping Dogs Lie'. The tales of his bleeding hands from hours of rehearsing with the German axeman for a forthcoming MSG tour were well received too.

The Alex Harvey Band songs reminded us all what a great talent that man and his band were. There was a nice run through the basic boogie of 'Buff's Bar Blues' and the more familiar refrains of the menacing bass riff in 'Faith Healer' and the gloriously memorable 'Midnight Moses'.

chris glen and the outfit

The whole band on stage was tight and together throughout and played these sometimes unusually built songs with great style.

I did find it unusual hearing the tunes that we are used to hearing being sung in a gruff voice full of character delivered in full on rock mode by the new man up front. Let's be clear, the Mr Aylward sounded really good, it just gave a different edge to a familiar set of songs.

What a bunch of songs though. The run through 'Amos Moses', 'Tomahawk Kid' and 'Boston Tea Party' was just a huge party in a time machine for the SAHB fans here who all bellowed along at the top of their lungs, me included.

chris glen and the outfit

The end of the main set and start of the encore took a turn into full on cover version territory with 'Doctor Doctor' and 'Highway To Hell' getting a run through but inevitably it was the celebrated reworking of 'Delilah' that brought things to a suitable fun-filled close.

This may have been just a bit of a laugh for the veteran sideman and his bandmates, but while it certainly was a lot of sweaty fun in a packed Bannermans, musically it was a highly accomplished display from a well drilled and hugely impressive outfit. Pun intended.

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