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The King Lot: Bannerman's, Edinburgh

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Mark Holloway

8th February 2018

king lot

There seems to be no substitute in the modern rock world for getting on the road and putting the work in, a fact that's not lost on Scottish rock trio The King Lot.

A regular on stages around the country for a few years now, they have their second album 'A World Without Evil' to promote so the nation's motorways will be seeing a lot of them in the near future.

Tonight sees them close to their West Lothian roots in a venue they know well, the local rock institution that is Bannermans in Edinburgh. Closing out a three band bill on a Saturday night with friendly faces all around is just the kind of gig that makes touring a pleasure and they are in jovial mood.

king lot

Frontman Jason Sweeney is always a cheery soul but his trademark big grin is fully evident before they have played a note and that enjoyment is, as always infectious.

Purveyors of a big, melodic rock sound with catchy choruses, it's impossible not to want to rock along with these guys as guitarist Jay Moir and Sweeney stamp their authority all over the grooves provided by so cool he wears shades as he plays, drummer Chris Gillon.

king lot

Inevitably the set is based around the new album which has a grittier feel than their debut. The likes of 'Maybe They're Watching Us' and 'Hearts On Fire' show that they have lost none of their knack for penning a memorable chorus though and the new material works well live, it must do as the album release is so recent half the crowd don't have a copy yet but they lap it all up anyway.

The King Lot are a likeable bunch and you have to respect that they are taking on the mantle of promoting beards in rock from ZZ Top. It's time for a new generation in that and in melodic rock and these are the men to make it work.

They will be appearing on a stage near you soon so go check out the future of bearded melodic rock, you won't regret it.

king lot

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