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Therion/Imperial Age/Null Positiv/Midnight Eternal: Audio, Glasgow

ian sutherland
Words: Ian Sutherland, Pictures: Wojtek Gabriel

21st February 2018


After ignoring Scotland for nearly twenty years it's great to see Swedish veterans Therion back in Glasgow only two years since their triumphant return.

Just like last time they have somehow squeezed an excellent four band bill onto the stage of the cosy Audio club.Unfortunately, four bands means an early start for the US symphonic metallers Midnight Eternal so the venue slowly fills up through their set.

They are engaging and likeable and there is some impressive work from guitarist Richard Fischer. Null Positiv who were next up had plenty of punch and gravitas. Imposing singer Elli Berlin looked fantastic in her Mad Max style outfit and their music had a real industrial Metal vibe to it.

The German language lyrics didn't deter the crowd one bit and they lapped up everything that this sinister looking bunch had to offer. All the way from Russia, Imperial Age are a band fans of Therion know well, as Christofer Johnsson has taken them under his wing. They have their own style though which is symphonic and operatic sounding Metal with a martial Russian vibe to it.

You can imagine some of their stuff being played over newsreel footage of the Russian army marching on. Leader Alexander Osipov shares lead vocals occasionally with Jane Odintsova and Anna Karia but it's when they add the choral effect of them all together to that stomping, epic sound they have when it works best. An excellent set.

By the time Therion hit the stage the packed crowd has been warmed up nicely and the smiles on the faces of the band members at the first roars to the opening pairing of new song 'Theme Of Antichrist' and oldie 'Blood Of Kingu' show that they already understand this is going to be a good one.


Having only just released the massive three disk rock opera 'Beloved Antichrist', songs from that are peppered through the set and all go down very well with a receptive crowd, especially the energetic 'Temple Of New Jerusalem'.

There are also a few gems from the back catalogue polished up and showed off for the faithful. 'An Arrow From The Sun' and 'The Khlysti Evangelist' allow the band to show off their atmospheric side and allow all three singers to shine.

'Lemuria' adds a more folk Metal tinge to their sound but is taken to full epic status which is what the band like to do.

The energy of the crowd and the joy it brought out in the band meant that when they got into their best known songs things went to a whole different level. 'Son Of The Slaves Of Time' had the crowd roaring along, 'Ginnungagap' was a stomping, head shaking masterpiece and 'Cults Of The Shadow' had the 'hey' chants going thick and fast.


By the time they got to the closing pair of tunes the night was already a huge success but 'The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah' raised the sweat levels another couple of notches.

After a short bit of chat from Christofer Johnsson 'To Mega Therion' was a galloping, loping celebration of a unique band and a crowd who just loved everything thrown at them.

Triumphant returns to Glasgow are becoming a habit for Therion. They are in their element in the live environment and all that over the top, multiple vocalists, sub operatic rock just makes absolute perfect sense on a stage. I can't wait until their next triumphant return.


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