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Arch Enemy/Wintersun/Tribulation: O2 ABC2, Glasgow

Words and Pictures: Ya Cheng

21st February 2018

arch enemy

Three epic Metal bands made up tonight's bill, starting with Swedish black/goth band Tribulation, playing many songs from hot new album 'Down Below'.

The band, all with long hair, dressed in black with their faces painted white and black body paint against green light and smoke meant the atmosphere was rather spooky yet intriguing.

arch enemy

Tribulation are one of those bands that you really need to experience live to fully understand. They are the whole package from their appearance to their dance moves to riffs and singing, they all complement each other really well. It just works superbly.

Second band on tonight were Finnish Metallers Wintersun. The energy in the venue totally changed the moment these guys hit the stage, kicking off their set with the epic fourteen minute long 'Awaken From The Dark Slumber'.

arch enemy

The set progressed smoothly with one great riff after another, playing tracks from their extensive back catalogue including 'Loneliness' and 'Time It's Clear'.

Front man Jari Mäenpää is certainly a showman, perfectly delivering growling and clean vocals and working the crowd up into more and more of a frenzy between songs. He finished off the show toasting the crowd with a cup of tea which is original.

arch enemy

Arch Enemy are much further up that ladder of success and it's a sign of that drawing power that there are fans from as far away as Brazil and China in tonight's sold-out Glasgow show.

Almost on the dot of 8:30 the background music muted, the lights dimmed and one of the hottest bands in Metal today kicked off with 'Set Flame To The Night' from their newest album 'Will To Power'.

arch enemy

Alissa White-Gluz is now fully established as the face of the band and leads them through a blistering set with her iconic blue hair whipping in the air while singing and growling perfectly.

The sound is spot on, loud yet perfectly defined, as new song 'The World is Yours' seamlessly segues into perennial favourite 'Ravenous' which saw the peak of the crowd surfing. The energy in the O2 ABC is electric and the band can't help but feed off it.

The guitar solos from both Michael Arnott and Jeff Loomis are something out of this world. They work so well together as a team powering through those melodic riffs in unison yet relishing the chance to shine individually when it comes.

arch enemy

The band's Canadian frontwoman is running around the stage with a seemingly endless amount of energy. The set contained many classics such as 'You Will Know My Name' and 'Dead Eyes See No Future', but the biggest surprise was when they played 'My Apocalypse'.

This is a song which hasn't been played on tour for a long time and was final proof if any were needed that the Angela Gossow era has ended for the band and the successor she handpicked is fully in control.

arch enemy

Respecting the past but looking to the future seems to be the band motto right now. From the brutally efficient music to their iconic vocalist and the incredible atmosphere Arch Enemy showed Glasgow why they are one of the hottest tickets in Metal right now.

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