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22nd February 2017

artur gelumbauskas
Words and Pictures: Artur Gelumbauskas

70000 tons of metal

Brazilian power Metallers Angra were a big hit on the 70000 Tons Of Metal cruise and Metaltalk caught up with them on board. You guys played on 70000 Tons before in 2013. What do you think of this insanity that's everyone on a boat listening to Metal?

Rafael Bittencourt: "You have the public, the bands you admire and the bands you're friends with, you get latest updates of what's happening in the Metal scene because everyone comes from a different part of the world. And the coolest thing is to realize what you represent: many Latin-Americans know Angra very well and come to talk with us, the curious death/black Metal fans who'll have the opportunity to get to know us... so it's an exchange between everyone here, it's like a big family reunion. The same as Christmas when your relatives come from different cities to get together."

Marcelo Barbosa: "It's a giant festival but with a greater structure: if you need to shower just go to your room. You sleep in the same place you'll play. It's like an immersion. And obviously getting out of here fatter and fatter." With so many recent line-up changes, how do you feel this affects on Angra's identity? What's your perception of the fans' perceptions?

Felipe Andreoli: "The band keeps absorbing all the influences from every member and we hold on to it, to every peculiarity but always knowing what our roots are. For being a band with a progressive and experimentation characteristics, it's just right to hold on to our differences knowing in the end we will arrive to the same goal. The sound just becomes richer and more variable."

Rafael Bittencourt: "The Brazilian music influence will stay present. It's what makes us different."

70000 tons of metal
Fabio Lione Rafael, recently I heard you want to make an album with the past Angra vocalists and get more people involved. Give us an idea about it.

Rafael Bittencourt: "Oh my God, I must have lost my mind! [Laughs] Well, nowadays I see Angra as the biggest Metal pillar in Brazil, especially for power/progressive segment, and also Sepultura for thrash/heavy segment. And I see some smaller bands trying to compete with Angra which I don't consider healthy for anyone. It would be better if Angra could gather everyone as a family, being the roots of a tree where every band will keep growing after that. Also the fans expect that.

"It would be my personal realization to make these barriers and resentments from the past fall, get over all of them because we would all grow older being nobler. I am 45 now and, from the first line-up, all the members are around the same age. From now on we'll only get old and it's only fair to move on with dignity and nobility without haunts from youth." How was the encounter with Luis Mariutti [bassist from the first line-up] last year?

Rafael Bittencourt: "Meeting up with him was one of the happiest moments last year. He was always a great friend; we used to study together in the same school. Then I thought how cool it would be if we all respect each other and learn with each other. The Metal scene in Brazil wouldn't only be seen as Angra and Sepultura but as a great effervescence of talented musicians and would have more visibility internationally. But I might be wrong..."

Bruno Valverde: "...or not!"

Rafael Bittencourt: "Or maybe!"

Bruno Valverde: "Who knows?"

Rafael Bittencourt: "I'm lost... what a question?! I don't understand anything you're talking about anymore! [Laughs]"

70000 tons of metal
Fabio Lione and Felipe Andreoli 'Angels Cry' tour, 'Holy Land' tour... 'Fireworks' tour?

Rafael Bittencourt: "No! Nothing related to the album but we're in a great moment and we're looking to the future. The other albums were the soundtrack of past moments of our lives but the present is what I value the most and we're in a great moment."

Felipe Andreoli: "We're starting the process of composing a new album to be released beginning of next year."

Rafael Bittencourt: "In Brazil, it's quite difficult for an artist. There's no business structure for music in general."

Marcelo Barbosa: Especially Metal..."

Rafael Bittencourt: "And it took very long for us to have a work method. Now we've learned all that I'm anxious to make good use our good and solid formation." Fabio, how is it being with Angra now after Rhapsody and Kamelot?

Fabio Lione: "Only thing I can say is my first Angra show was in the 70000 Tons when the band needed a vocalist. And also it was my last show with Kamelot." Everything keeps coming back here then!

Fabio Lione: "Right!"

70000 tons of metal
Marcelo Barbosa Last question Rafael! You have many funny videos pretending to be Kapiroto [Portuguese nickname for the Devil] in your personal page. Can we expect that in English?

Rafael Bittencourt: "I need to start. Never planned my videos and stopped without any warning too. But I want to come back and also create the English version of Kapiroto.


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