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Gun: 'Favourite Pleasures'
Released: 15th September 2017 (Caroline Records)

brian boyle
Words: Brian Boyle
11th July 2017


Deservedly, Inglorious are one of the most talked about rock bands at the moment and many predict their classic rock carry on will land them in the arenas in the not too distant future, but cast your mind back to 1989 and Scottish rockers Gun were in the same position. After the release of their debut album, 'Taking On The World', and the UK Top 40 placing of the single 'Better Days', big things were predicted for the Glasgow boys. Their rising success landed them support slots on high profile tours with heavyweights such as The Rolling Stones, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi.

But despite not maintaining sustained mainstream success, Gun are still with us and firing on all cylinders with new album 'Favourite Pleasures'.

Back in March, Gun supported Black Star Riders on their UK and Ireland tour and on the evidence of their Dublin show, I reckon Scott Gorham and co were highly impressed. With just forty-five minutes, new material was never going to dominate the set but album opener 'She Knows' got an energetic run through and it's pummeling delivery barely let's you draw breath with those punkish vibes.

That leads into the distorted twelve bar boogie of 'Here's Where I Am', a full blooded toe tapper that has Dante Gizzi belting out a vocal with an arrogant strut.

It's been a while since I've been completely bowled over, knocked for six and had to pick all my chins off the floor - well title track 'Favourite Pleasures' does exactly that. The funk driven rhythm is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin's 'Trampled Underfoot', but this is dirtier, grittier and gives you an overwhelming urge to indulge in illicit shenanigans.

The infectious 'Take Me Down' and the happy-go-lucky Britpop vibes of 'Silent Lovers' both boast highly addictive choruses that hit your blood stream instantly and sound primed for the commercial airwaves, but rest assured, they aren't softening up. The vast majority of this album represents a return to a harder sound as heard on the 'Taking On The World' and 'Swagger' albums. 'Black Heart' and 'Tragic Heroes' both belt out hearty riffs by their powerhouse axeman Jools Gizzi and are cast-iron proof of a band revelling in some serious roughed up rock'n'roll.

The dark humoured 'Go To Hell' prances along beautifully with a swanky glam rock stomp; think Bowie at his heaviest with Marc Bolan at his cheekiest. Don't expect the album to go out with a wallop as 'Boy Who Fooled The World' may not be a shock and awe power ballad but it's stripped backed piano led simplicity makes it a gripping listen.

With ten tracks of enduring quality, 'Favourite Pleasures' will reassure you that the long player format is still alive and well and make no mistake, Gun are back, fully loaded and they are taking on the world once again.

She Knows
Here's Where I Am
Favourite Pleasures
Take Me Down
Silent Lovers
Black Heart
Without You In My Life
Tragic Heroes
Go To Hell
Boy Who Fooled The World

Gun are:
Dante Gizzi - Vocals
Jools Gizzi - Guitars
Tommy Gentry - Guitars
Andy Carr - Bass
Paul McManus - Drums

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