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The Quireboys: 'White Trash Blues'
Released 9th September 2017 (Off Yer Rocka Recordings)

brian boyle
Words: Brian Boyle
23rd August 2017


Best known for their unmistakable brand of good time rock'n'roll, The Quireboys have taken a leaf out of The Rolling Stones' book and gone down the traditional blues route with a covers album.

For hardcore aficionados of the blues, I must pre-warn you that during the making of this record no harm came to any of these iconic tunes. Right from opener 'Crosseyed Cat' you're immediately hit with the feeling that this is a bunch of guys who collectively have a deep love and respect for this genre.

The same applies to their sublime takes of John Lee Hooker's 'Boom Boom' and Jimmy Reed's 'Take Out Some Insurance'. Both tracks have Spike taking his gravel laden pipes to a different level and pumping out these gems like he wrote them himself.

The working man's Richards and Wood, Paul Guerin and Guy Griffin absolutely sizzle on 'Going Down', completely owning the track with some slick, fervent blues guitar.


'Shame Shame Shame' is the first real sniff of vintage Quireboys with Keith Weir tickling the ivories in his usual no-nonsense manner while 'I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man' is no stranger to The Quireboys live set and that live vibe is all over this version, delivered with such a genuine feel it's like you're watching them in your sitting room.

The addition of Pearl Handled Revolver's Lee Vernon gives this collection a royal stamp of class. His mouth watering harmonica work on 'Leaving Trunk' and 'I'm A King Bee' will have blues enthusiasts salivating.

The album is rammed home with a cheeky wallop of 'Walking The Dog' and Chuck Berry's 'Little Queenie', both glaring examples that the blues is an itch that The Quireboys love to scratch.

For anybody who hasn't got past 1990s 'A Bit Of What You Fancy', this album might be a bit hard to digest but for those who have followed their career since those heady days it will serve as a pure listening joy.

After over thirty-five years in the game, The Quireboys have without a doubt earned the right to self indulge and do something a little bit left of centre and they've done it here majestically.

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Crosseyed Cat
Boom Boom
I Wish You Would
Take Out Some Insurance
Going Down
Help Me
Shame Shame Shame
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
Leaving Trunk
I'm A King Bee
Walking The Dog
Little Queenie

The Quireboys are:
Spike - Lead Vocals
Paul Guerin - Guitars
Guy Griffin - Guitars
Keith Weir - Keyboards/Piano
Nick Mailing - Bass
Dave McCluskey - Drums

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