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22nd November 2017

jeff kunze
Words and Pictures: Jeff Kunze

dave ellefson jackson coffee

Megadeth's David Ellefson returned home to celebrate his birthday and to introduce the new 'Jackson House Blend' coffee. A small town in southern Minnesota called Jackson is where the iconic and Grammy-winning bassist grew up on a farm.

The event was held at Kat's Hog Heaven and there were plenty of people crammed in for food, music, and naturally some coffee. Kat's Hog Heaven also features some Megadeth memorabilia on the walls. Some interesting stuff to enjoy as you take in the atmosphere.

Ellefson told stories how early in the Megadeth days, the band would record at night. They started drinking coffee to stay awake to help get through those sessions and subsequently some of the best Megadeth brainstorming and ideas have originated over a good cup of Joe.

With that history, it was an easy transition to jump into the coffee business with the Ellefson Coffee Company.

dave ellefson jackson coffee

Ellefson Coffee Company formed in 2016 and has already established itself in the coffee industry. The flagship coffee blend is appropriately named 'Roast In Peace'.

Another blend called 'Urban Legend' is connected to Jackson and the Megadeth song 'Mary Jane' as Mary Jane Terwillegar was a local legend throughout the area. Other blends include 'Rock N' Rose' and 'Kenya Thrash'.

Ellefson signed anything and everything people wanted signing and took pictures with each person as well. He really took the time to talk to people and seemed to appreciate everybody that showed up to support the event.

Dave also started the EMP Label Group; also known as Ellefson Music Productions, enlisting Thom Hazaert for Marketing, A&R, and operations, which is now in its second year.

dave ellefson jackson coffee
Dave signing Jeff's (AKA the Wolf from The 3rd Floor) custom made Megadeth goalie mask his son wore for hockey

The label have released some great albums by an expanding list of artists. Doll Skin's album 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl' and Mark Slaughter's 'Halfway There' immediately come to mind of some great material coming from EMP.

This plays into the musical entertainment for the afternoon. The legendary Ron Keel has signed onto the EMP Label and his 'Metal Cowboy' album will be re-released along with a new record later in the year.

Ron didn't come alone; he brought the boys from the Ron Keel Band with him and they played an inspiring acoustic set that sounded fantastic. Ron's voice hasn't skipped a beat over the years and this was another example of how gifted he is.

dave ellefson jackson coffee
Ron Keel

The highlight of the set was 'Wild Forever' as it engulfed the entire room. There was also an acoustic version of 'Symphony Of Destruction' with Ellefson on bass.

Ron was signing a Keel 'The Final Frontier' album he told the story of how Gene Simmons convinced MCA to pay $15,000 for that cover. All the guys were friendly, accessible, and signed whatever folks wanted.

It was a great day at Kat's Hog Heaven. Big thanks to them and everybody else that put this event together. People came from all over to attend this event and I'm sure everybody had a great time, because I know I did.

Ellefson Coffee Company

dave ellefson jackson coffee

EMP Label Group

dave ellefson jackson coffee


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