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Ratt: Treasure Island Resort And Casino, Welch, Minnesota
11th February 2017

14th February 2017

jeff kunze
Words and Pictures: Jeff Kunze


The Ratt saga has been publicized in just about every website, podcast, and fan forum for some time. Former Ratt drummer, and original member, Bobby Blotzer claimed the name in 2015 and took a revolving door of musicians on the road. Things continued to go round and round until the courts changed directions and awarded the name back to Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier and Warren DeMartini.

With three original members, Carlos Cavazo (guitar) and Jimmy Degrasso (drums), the Ratt flag was finally back where it belonged. Treasure Island Resort And Casino in Welch, Minnesota, was the first venue to welcome back the rightful owners of the Ratt name. They were greeted to a sold out room full of Ratt'n'Rollers.


The band launched into 'Wanted Man' to open the show. It's a perfect opener from the landmark album 'Out Of The Cellar' and the fans instantly began singing the words. 'Dangerous But Worth The Risk' was next before pulling out 'You Think You're Tough' and 'Walkin' The Dog'. It was great to hear that older grittier material from 1983s EP and as soon as you hear Warren start that little bluesy guitar lick you know it's time for 'Way Cool Jr'.

Ratt brought out a couple of deep tracks from the 'Out The Cellar' album next, 'I'm Insane' and 'In Your Direction' were unexpected but playing anything off that record is never wrong. The hard rocking and ultra catchy 'Lack Of Communication' kept the energy of the crowd up before pulling out a couple of the big guns. The mega-hits 'Lay It Down' and 'You're In Love' from the 'Invasion Of Your Privacy' album engulfed the room and if anyone wasn't engaged at that moment they were then. Those signature riffs are monstrous and are trademarks to the Ratt legacy.


'Lovin' You's A Dirty Job' kept the hits rolling and then one of my all time personal favorite Ratt songs, 'Nobody Rides For Free', made its way into the set. Only one track makes the show from the 'Dancing Undercover' album and it's the blistering 'Body Talk' and with the show winding down they dipped back to 1984 for the last two songs, 'Back For More' kicks in and the energy it creates is contagious.

This song wasn't the massive MTV video hit like some of the other Ratt blockbusters, but it's one of the backbone pieces of the Ratt catalog. It sounded awesome and as expected was well embraced. It's no surprise that the closer was 'Round And Round' as it embodies the Sunset Strip and opened the door for the glam explosion. They brought the house down in grand fashion.


The immediate question and topic of conversation with any Ratt show is how well did Stephen sound? Well he had moments where he sounded fantastic and there were moments when he didn't. Stephen and the band looked engaged, happy and everybody worked hard to put on a great show. Juan does a wonderful job of providing additional vocals and did a fine job filling out the sound while Warren still has his unique style and flair.

Carlos fills the second guitar role perfectly and Jimmy is a Metal drummer veteran and handled his duties like a pro. The crowed that packed Treasure Island wanted a night of rock where they could sing-along with some of the greatest material that came out of the 80s Metal scene. Even though there were some flaws I don't think anyone would say it wasn't a great night of music. Long Live Ratt'n'Roll!

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Wanted Man
Dangerous But Worth The Risk
You Think You're Tough
Walkin' The Dog
Way Cool Jr
I'm Insane
In Your Direction
Lack Of Communication
Lay It Down
Your In Love
Lovin' You's A Dirty Job
Nobody Rides For Free
Body Talk
Back For More
Round And Round




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