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Stone Sour: The Myth Nightclub – Maplewood, MN

17th October 2017

jeff kunze
Words and Pictures: Jeff Kunze

stone sour

Stone Sour have been going full throttle since the release of 'Hydrograd' back in June. The band are currently on an autumn tour through the states with Steel Panther handling the opening slot. A packed Myth Nightclub would witness a great night of music.

Stone Sour played a wide-ranging set with songs from each of their six albums. The band dug into the new record first and opened with 'Taipei Person/Allah Tea' followed by 'Knievel Has Landed'.

stone sour

The rhythm section of Johny Chow bass and Roy Mayorga drums were thunderous as they laid down the building blocks of the songs. Guitar players Josh Rand and Christian Martucci were tight and played off each other perfectly.

With the engine in high gear, Mr. Corey Taylor gets behind the wheel and takes control. He commanded the show with his personality as he engaged every single person in the room. As a singer and a front man, Taylor has that type of charisma that few have.

stone sour

Mixing in some tunes from earlier records the band deploy 'Take A Number', 'Reborn', and my personal favorite '30/30-150'. By now three or four bottles of water had been tossed into the crowd by Taylor and that ritual continued throughout the night.

Launching into 'Say You'll Haunt Me' ignited the crowd and got people jumping while they sang the chorus. Some tracks from parts 1 and 2 of 'House Of Gold & Bones' played nicely in the mix as 'Tired' and 'Do Me A Favor' sounded fantastic. Both songs feature those big hooks that swept through The Myth.

Things got heavy in a hurry with 'Cold Reader', which was a surprise, and the aggressive and fan favourite 'Get Inside'. The dynamic of the Stone Sour catalogue is in full swing as they insert 'Song #3' next.

stone sour

The infectious melody and commercial appeal sounds even larger in the live setting. Keeping with that formula the hit 'Through Glass' arrived next. The transition between the two songs is flawless and clearly the latter was a song everybody was waiting for as it closed out the set.

The encore begins with the Metal monster 'Gone Sovereign'. The intro builds up the anticipation like a balloon being inflated past its limits, and when the song kicks in….Boom!! The place went wild!

stone sour

The crowd surfing hit a rapid pace as the security crew caught the people as they got to the barrier. Not to be outdone, 'Absolute Zero', keeps the intensity vibrant with its sing-along choruses.

The night ends on another hit off the 'Hydrograd' release with 'Fabuless'. A song that seamlessly blends the intensity of the early albums with the polished more mature sound of the latest record.

stone sour

This was a very enjoyable show as Stone Sour were at the top of their game. They sounded amazing and I liked how they utilized their catalogue by playing such a variety of songs. The pairing with Steel Panther really worked well as both bands were very entertaining. Catch this tour if you can, it won't disappoint.

1. Taipei Person/Allah Tea
2. Knievel Has Landed
3. Take A Number
4. Reborn
5. Say You'll Haunt Me
6. 30/30 150
7. Hesitate
8. Tired
9. Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)
10. Do Me A Favor
11. Cold Reader
12 Get Inside
13. Song #3
14. Through Glass
15. Gone Sovereign
16. Absolute Zero
17. Fabuless

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stone sour

stone sour


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