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Accept: 'Restless And Live - Blind Rage Live In Europe 2015' (Double CD)
Released: 13th January 2017 (Nuclear Blast)

10th January 2017

jonathan churchill
Words: Jonathan Churchill


Accept are Heavy Metal legends for a reason.

With over forty years of recording and touring behind them, plus in 2010 one of the most successful resurrections since Lazarus when they released 'Blood Of The Nations' and introduced us to new singer Mark Tornillo, followed by the sensational 'Stalingrad' and 'Blind Rage' albums, the band goes from from strength to strength.

Now in 2017 we have 'Restless And Live – Blind Rage Live In Europe 2015' – a twenty-seven track double CD of old and new material, recorded at different venues on the 'Blind Rage' tour.

Stand-out highlights include the Metal perfection of 'Pandemic' and 'Final Journey' featuring Wolf Hoffmann's blistering virtuoso guitar playing; an explosive 'No Shelter', one of my absolute favourites, with the whole band jamming together in parts through the mid-section, and of course the classic-era tracks, given a new lease of life by Mark Tornillo's powerful vocals. 'Fast As A Shark' and 'London Leatherboys' sound incredible.

New band members Christopher Williams on drums and Uwe Lulis on guitar slot in seamlessly as if they've been playing together for years and the production really allows each band member to shine with perfect clarity, for example you can really hear Peter Baltes' bass high in the mix and sounding great.

To their credit, the double CDs feel like one long concert rather than individual tracks from different live shows. And what a concert set-list it is – 'Stampede', 'Stalingrad', 'Metal Heart', 'Teutonic Terror', 'Balls To The Wall' and 'Dark Side Of My Heart' to name just a few.

I last saw Accept in 2011 on the 'Blood Of The Nations' tour and was entranced by their sheer brilliance. Now, with the addition of the 'Stalingrad' and 'Blind Rage' material, 'Restless And Live' is an utterly irresistible and crowd-pleasing blend of new material and stone-cold classics. This selection of live tracks brings a fresh, energy and new dimension to the studio material, not to mention phenomenal vocals and musicianship, particularly Wolf Hofmann's classical-influenced guitar style. Sit back, crank up the volume, bang your head and enjoy Heavy Metal at its absolute finest.

'Restless And Live' is also available as a fifteen track Blu Ray or DVD, filmed at Bang Your Head 2015 and both come with the double live CDs.

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Double CD Tracklisting:
01. Stampede
02. Stalingrad
03. Hellfire
04. London Leatherboys
05. Living For Tonite
06. 200 Years
07. Demon's Night
08. Dying Breed
09. Final Journey
10. From The Ashes We Rise
11. Losers And Winners
12. No Shelter
13. Shadow Soldiers
14. Midnight Mover

01. Starlight
02. Restless And Wild
03. Son Of A Bitch
04. Pandemic
05. Dark Side Of My Heart
06. The Curse
07. Flash Rockin' Man
08. Bulletproof
09. Fall Of The Empire
10. Fast As A Shark
11. Metal Heart
12. Teutonic Terror
13. Balls To The Wall


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