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Deep Purple: Oslo Spektrum, Norway

mark taylor
Words and Pictures: Mark Taylor
17th November 2017

deep purple

Only the Grim Reaper will decide when rock legends Deep Purple finally call it a day, but the band are mature and wise enough to know that the cloaked skeleton with the sharpened scythe will soon be knocking at their back door.

Deep Purple released their 20th studio album this year, 'InFinite', which hit the Top 10 album charts all across Europe including here in Norway.

But with that release came the announcement of 'The Long Goodbye Tour' hinting that retirement maybe around the corner, even though their music will be forever immortalised.

The tour kicked off in Bucharest, Romania last May for a selection of dates across Europe with an inspired setlist that included four new songs from the latest album.

That was shortened to just two new tracks for the trek across America however, for the double header arena tour with Alice Cooper, leaving some hardcore fans who wanted something more than just a trip down memory lane with a greatest hits set feeling a little disgruntled.

deep purple

Tongues were wagging on the forums about the anticipated setlist way in advance of the return trip across Europe which started with a handful of dates in Scandinavia.

While it has to be said that the majority of ticket holders just want to hear the golden greats, Purple have never been a band to rest on their laurels. If it's nostalgia you want, then you've come to the wrong gig.

Deep Purple still have plenty to prove and even though at 72 years of age, Ian Gillan can no longer roar like a young lion on long since discarded tracks like 'Speed King' and 'Child In Time', he can, as Ian Paice said in a recent interview, hit new notes on a different register that he couldn't back then.

deep purple

'Time For Bedlam' from 'InFinite' is an imposing way to start a set. Full of dynamics where each member heavily stamps their mark, with no pause for breath leading straight into the bruising 'Fireball' and 'Bloodsucker'. Newly introduced into the set was the recent single, 'All I Got Is You', a jazzy number where Purple can take their foot off the gas and have some swinging fun.

From the previous album 'NOW What?!' came the dedication to Jon Lord with 'The Uncommon Man' which now has an intricate intro and middle section from guitarist Steve Morse on this heavily keyboard dominated number. The mystical 'The Surprising' is a majestic journey that demands attention as does 'Birds Of Prey' featuring a sublime fluid solo from Morse.

Don Airey pleased the natives with his solo of 'Solveig's Song' from the 'Peer Gynt Suite' by Edvard Grieg, which separated a striking version of 'Knocking At Your Back Door' and the absorbing 'Perfect Strangers', where Ian Gillan in his Popeye t-shirt sang full of strength.

deep purple

A cosmic ride of 'Space Truckin'' complete with astral graphics on the screen featured powerhouse drumming from the ever-reliable Ian Paice, the driving beat of the band while 'Smoke On The Water' roared along with storytelling headlines and photos from that day in Montreaux.

A snatch of the blues with 'Goin' Down' signalled the encores before grooving into a bouncy 'Hush' followed by Roger Glover delivering a thumping solid bass solo that is led all out on a rousing 'Black Night'.

Old, new, live and rare is exactly what you get from a Purple gig. They may be driving at a different speed these days but it's still a magical mystery tour that just keeps on giving.


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deep purple


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