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Simon Kirke: 'All Because Of You'
Released 10th February 2017 (End Records)
12th February 2017

mark taylor
Words And Video: Mark Taylor

simon kirke

'All Because Of You' is the third solo album from Bad Company and former Free drummer Simon Kirke. It's an open and honest album from the 67-year-old, who two years ago got divorced and also beat his demons of alcoholism by getting himself totally clean and sober.

Recorded in Chicago with the band The Empty Pockets, Kirke openly wears his heart on his sleeve, with every song on this album having a personal positive message.

Simon Kirke has a good homely voice too and on the title track he declares his new found happiness in life with the lyrics: "I'm happy in every way, So happy its a brand new day, I've got a song in my heart, Spring in my step, Look out baby you ain't seen nothing yet."

A new love is his life is dedicated with 'Maria' complete with a string quartet, and that feeling continues with 'Stay With Me.'

simon kirke

'Into The Light' deals with Kirke's winning battle against alcoholism and 'Wind And The Rain' reflects back to his childhood and to where he is now in the advancing years.

A laid back album full of diverse sounds from the jazzy 'Melting On Maddison' to the hard blues drive of 'Trouble Road' which features guest guitarist Warren Haynes from Govt Mule.

There's a delightful folky nursery song written for his children, 'Friends In The Wood', which is guaranteed to raise a smile as Kirke sings about nature, specifically badgers, hedgechogs and owls.

There's a brand new version of Bad Company's 'Feel Like Makin' Love' which is a fine addition to the album performed in a calypso fashion with Kirke on the Ukulele.

An easy going uplifting album that sees Kirke in a happy place.

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MetalTalk's Mark Taylor spoke to Simon Kirke about his solo album 'All Because Of You' just before Bad Company's show at the o2 Arena in London last October.

In the interview Kirke spoke fondly of his new found happiness saying: "It's good to be me right now."

Kirke speaks at length about the album plus the reasons why there's never been a Free reformation, although it did nearly happen for the London Olympics in 2012, plus his memory of opening the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute in 2007 which was headlined by Led Zeppelin.

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